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Dunedin Night Shelter

  • Donate to buy us a defibrillator!

      23 September 2021
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    A group of university students are fundraising to buy the Night Shelter a defibrillator which could save lives. Below is the message they have written to support their goal. Please donate as part of our annual appeal through our Give a Little Page.

    Kia Ora Team!

    A big thank you to Dunedin Night Shelter for posting on behalf of us. We are a group of students that have formed with the hope of helping the Dunedin Night Shelter.

    We have been notified that they are in eager need to obtain a defibrillator after some health scares at the Shelter, and we are really hopeful in achieving this goal.

    The shelter has kindly let us use their give a little page to support this cause and we hope it will help us in purchasing a defibrillator. Any help you can give towards this cause will be going a long way to supporting the residents at the shelter.

    If you have any queries about this cause feel free to get in touch with Jessie at

    Ngā Mihi

    Brylee, Hannah, Jake, Jessie and Sophie

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  • Congratulations Dunedin - we did it!

      17 September 2015
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    We now have sufficient funds to purchase our buildings and a bit extra to help with maintenance and improvement projects in the future. Thank you so much to everyone who has supported us during our fundraising campaign. This has been an amazing community effort and the people of Dunedin should feel very proud of what has been achieved. The Night Shelter Trust is delighted and humbled by the support from the community that has allowed us to reach this goal of securing our services for generations to come.

    Check out the details in this week's The Star.

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  • We need your help!

      13 July 2015

    Thanks again to all the generous donors who have supported us in the last week. We have now raised a little over $3,600 via our givealittle page and continue to receive donations through other channels as well. But we need your help to get the word out and ensure we reach our target. We now have not quite 12 weeks to go and $219,000 left to raise. Please share our story with your family and friends and ask them to support us if they can. Remember the small donations add up when lots of people get involved and every little bit truly does help. Together we can make this happen.

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  • Let's keep the momentum rolling ;-)

      6 July 2015

    Many thanks again to all our generous supporters. After two weeks we have raised over $3,000. We still need your help! Please spread the word to family and friends and encourage them to donate if they can to support the long-term security of this crucial service.

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  • First week update

      3 July 2015

    Many thanks to all our generous supporters for your donations so far. In the first week since launching our campaign we raised over $2,000 from 49 donors from all over New Zealand giving amounts from $5 to $631. Thank you all so much for your support and generosity.

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