Energise Ōtaki

Energise Ōtaki

Energise Ōtaki connects Ōtaki’s power source - its people - with lean, clean energy projects.


Thank you for donating to our charity Energise Ōtaki. Our projects address energy poverty, reduce waste and emissions, and build renewable energy systems for bright - shared - futures.

Your donation will help more people benefit from:

Warm Up Ōtaki: getting insulation, heat pumps and more to eligible homeowners

Solar Farms: powering local infrastructure and building up money for...

Whakahiko Ōtaki–Energise Ōtaki Fund: the sun fund for local energy projects [continued]

Ōtaki Bike Space: giving away spruced-up donated bikes

Curtain Bank: keeping the heat in and energy costs down

Ōtaki Repair Cafe: fixing items, bonding people

Waste to Energy: turning landfill into fuel

Carbon Sequestration Project: planting trees to combat climate change

E-Volocity and school curriculum materials: electrifying STEM content

Community Garden: planting future kai together

Town Energy Data: tracking Ōtaki’s progress by helping the numbers speak for themselves

...and other work that helps us realise these goals for Ōtaki and our world:

By 2023:

Domestic scale wind-power generator trial established.

By 2026:

Another 500 kWh solar farm built.

By 2032:

Ōtaki’s carbon emissions fully offset.

All existing Ōtaki houses up to minimum energy conservation standard.

All rental homes have access to renewable energy benefits.

By 2037:

30% of Ōtaki waste diverted into energy recovery projects.

More about us

Energise Ōtaki is about the goal of the town becoming a net producer of clean energy, and of finding ways to give people, businesses and community groups the tools to harvest the environmental, social and economic benefits of a different energy future.

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Latest donations

Alastair on 20 Dec 2021
Keep up the good work
Energise Ōtaki

Thank you for your generosity. It’s been a busy year, finishing off with the Whakahiko Ōtaki - Energise Ōtaki Fund Awards for energy related community projects in November, and our final Bike Giveaway for 2021, in December. We are looking forward to a full 2022, with your help!!

Energise Ōtaki
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 12 Aug 2021
We would like these funds to support the Warm Up Otaki project if possible as we are keen to support local housing initiatives.
Energise Ōtaki

Wow! Thank you very much for your generous donation. We really appreciate it both financially and as an acknowledgement of the work that is being put in by many hands; the Warm Up Ōtaki project comes from the foresight and determination of our trustees, communication and coordination from our Energise Ōtaki staff and site assessor, and collaboration with Te Puna Oranga o Ōtaki and the Sustainability Trust. We are glad to be working together to get these houses healthy and warm. You are a part of that, too. Thank you.

Energise Ōtaki
Grant on 09 Jul 2021
Energise Ōtaki

Kia ora Grant Thank you very much for your generous gift. Our big priority at the moment is getting the news out about the Warmup Otaki project where we are able to give Homeowners with CSCs free home insulation and heating assessments and hopefully, enable them to qualify for a super subsidised heat pump once their home is well insulated. The Curtain Bank, too, is in full swing. And we have just had another successful Repair Cafe! And we are getting ready for another workshop to prepare bikes for giving away. There's a bit of work behind the scenes for all of this and your donation really helps. Thank you.

Energise Ōtaki
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 20 May 2021
Energise Ōtaki

Thank you very much for your donation. It is really appreciated as we are super busy with the Warmup Ōtaki, Bike Space, and Curtain Bank getting into full swing for the winter months.

Energise Ōtaki
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 12 May 2021
Energise Ōtaki

Thank you very much for your donation. We are pretty busy at the moment with the winter projects like Curtain Bank and Warmup Otaki (housing), and we always have Bike Space on the go. And the Rau Kumara solar farm still producing electricity in the winter sun for the Community Investment Fund. Every donation helps to keep us moving forward!

Energise Ōtaki

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