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Foureyes Foundation

  • Thank you!

      14 December 2020

    Thank you everyone that has supported our charity - I am working on contacting everyone that has donated so far with a personal thank you!

    If you would like to keep in the loop on what we are doing in the coming year join our mailing list.

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  • Last month we ended up in Dargville.

      10 December 2020
    Main image

    We have finally expanded our program outside of Wellington - although a baby step, this is an important goal for us, and we are really excited about the possibility of supporting many others out there. Thanks to the Eye Institute for funding this part!

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  • Donations from MAS

      23 July 2020

    Tēnā koe. Thank you everyone that has donated to us recently following our work with MAS - we are incredibly grateful for the support and will aim to respond to people along the way. Much appreciated! Aroha nui.

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  • What we have been up to

      1 July 2020
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    Kia ora everyone - hope you have all been safe and well over lockdown and since then. Our eye testing clinics are now back up and running, and we continue to support kids with free eye exams and glasses. We will re-start our vision screening in schools in 2021. In the meantime, we are working with schools, whanau and medical centres to proactively identify kids who may need help with their vision.

    I also had a chat to MAS about the work that we do - you can read the profile (in the Winter 2020 edition of On MAS here: )

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  • We are winding up for 2019

      1 December 2019
    Main image

    It has been a great year supporting new schools and old - we have continued our growth in Wairarapa - we are booked out till mid-next year already. We also now provide eye exams for adults and it feeds back into our charity.

    We have started our growth into the porirua region, and look forward to the new year.

    We thought we would finish by showing you how your schools go the extra mile for you - Gina, principal at Featherston brought this young man in for an eye exam and here is him wearing them for the first time. Gina went the extra mile for her school kids, and there are so many others in schools that have helped us out to ensure that all kids get the glasses that they need.

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  • How the PlusOptix has helped an entire community

      20 April 2018

    Back in 2016 we fundraised for the PlusOptix to help screen kids in the community. Well a lot has happened since then..

    Just last year alone we screened over 2000 kids in the Wairarapa district, and will be approaching close to 20 schools by the end of this year! It isn't too bad for a team of two.

    Not only has the PlusOptix been essential to this growth, but it will shape how we grow the screening outside of the Wellington region.

    Thank you all for being awesome in supporting our small organisation doing big things.

    Here is some feedback from our schools:

    and don't forget to check out our other updates on our FB page:

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  • We reached our goal!

      21 July 2016

    Thank you everyone for you help and support, and generous donations. We have reached our target in such a short time and we are ever grateful. Now we have funding for the PlusOptix, any additional support will help us reach more schools, and get glasses to more kids.

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  • Progress with our vision screening work

      28 June 2016
    Main image

    Thanks to your generosity we're over half way to our fundraising goal of purchasing the Plus Optix vision screener. We had the chance to try it out at Titahi Bay School last week and it worked brilliantly - we were able to screen 126 Year 2 & 3 students over the course of 2 mornings (it will be even quicker now we've got the hang of it!). The school also requested us to see a few other kids where there were concerns about their eyesight- and in most cases their hunch was correct. We'll be moving on to giving these kids glasses as needed shortly.

    Thanks again,

    Steph and Ravi

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  • We are a quarter of the way there.

      1 June 2016

    We have been pretty overwhelmed by support on the first day and have already reached a quarter of the way to our goal! Thank you for the support everyone!!

    Steph and Ravi

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