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Friends of Roland's Wood Charitable Trust

  • Funds are running short     22 April 2017
    Posted by: Friends of Roland's Wood Charitable Trust

    Hi All to you generous supporters of The Friends of Roland's Wood Charitable Trust. If you aren't aware we acquired the Lavender's Land late last year and now we are busy with plans to develop the land into a park for the entire community to enjoy. We incurred a substantial debt of $437,000 to acquire the land and this incurs interest payable monthly. We also have to fund the resource consent to subdivide a few sections off to repay our debt. The cost of this application is around $10,000. That with interest costs we are quickly running low on funds. Any further donations would be of great assistance to get us through this initial phase. Our aim is to have all the debt paid off by the end of 2018 and also have a reasonably healthy bank balance so we can fund further development of things like the access, car park, a planting program. We also want to get a container on site to store our tools and a tractor we have been kindly donated the use of from a very generous benefactor. Other plans include bbq areas, composting toilets, an agility area for dogs, a small dog area. A native planted area with tracks down to the Wiroa stream and perhaps a visitor centre. So if you can help it would very much appreciated and also please help spread the word.

    Thanks very much. Simon Upperton - Chair - FoRW CT

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  • Council approve bank guarantee     9 September 2016
    Posted by: Friends of Roland's Wood Charitable Trust

    Update from Roland's Wood. The Council this morning voted unanimously in favour of a $186,000 bank guarantee to enable us to purchase the land. This is obviously fantastic news. We have been working with a bank in the background and this guarantee should mean we get the funds required and in time. Its been a long road to get here and we aren't quite there yet and in some ways its just the start, as we still need to raise money develop the land to repay debt. But what it should mean is that we have secured the land which buys us time to do the rest. We have had immense support along the way and we thank you for the donations and the messages of support. A couple of local firms have assisted us tremendouslywith freebees being, Law North, Richad Ayton and team providing legal advice, BDO allowing us to meet at their boardroom, Northland Valuers, and Bayleys Real Estate that has paid for a lot of stationery, signage and have been very supportive of me putting so much time into this. There are I am sure many others and we thank you all and feel free to remind me if I haven't made mention. Thanks Simon

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  • Council vote in secret not to support our funding application     31 July 2016
    Posted by: Friends of Roland's Wood Charitable Trust

    The Council voted yesterday behind closed doors not to support our funding application for a loan facility to acquire the land. This was despite the paper from council staff recommending the Council support our application. The application was for $150,000 to be repaid within two years. So this was not a donation, but a loan, that we are secure in the knoweldge we could/can repay. I wont go into the frustration and lack of due process here & now, as that is for another time. What we need is $200,000 worth of funding to fill the gap the council has left by not supporting us. We can offer a much better interest rate than the bank & security. We would look at multiple sources i.e. $50,000 x 4 lenders, all having equal security over the land. We are just about to enter into a contract to acquire the land, subject to finance. We have agreed terms & we need the funding in place in 8 weeks. If you can help and would like to discuss in more detail, please contact me. Either PM or ph 0211 917 427. Although the Cuncil outcome is very disappointing, we will not let their lack of foresight impact our determination to create this wonderful community asset. If you cannot be a lender but can donate, please do. We have 8 weeks. Thanks. Simon - Chair of FORW.

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  • Valuation received     27 April 2016
    Posted by: Friends of Roland's Wood Charitable Trust

    Hi All, just a quick update. We have now received the valuation on Lavender's Land that we are trying to acquire. For commercial reasons we can't say what that is, however it is broadly in line with our thinking.

    So we are now at the sticky end and we as a board will be discussing our options of what we can and can't do. So far we have raised $28,000 in pledges and donations. $20,000 of which is a pledge for others to match.

    So please help spread the word of our campaign. We need to as much money in now for us to succeed. If we don't succeed all donations will be returned on request, otherwise be used to support the on-going maintenance of the Woodland. Thanks for your support. Simon Upperton. Chair - FORW.

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  • Substantial pledge made     13 April 2016
    Posted by: Friends of Roland's Wood Charitable Trust

    Since the start of our campaign to create a 10ha parkland for the people of Kerikeri, the Friend’s of Roland’s Wood (FORW) has raised $28,000 in donations and pledges.

    A substantial pledge has just been received for $20,000 from a donor that would like to remain anonymous.

    The condition of their pledge is, that others match it.

    So they are sending out a challenge, to others to match their $20k.

    We are delighted to have this sort of support and hope others follow their lead.

    Its this sort of impetus that we believe will create a chain reaction and we obviously hope that there will be more than one matching offer!

    The FORW is continuing to engage with members of the council and community leaders on the best way for the acquisition to succeed.

    The key is demonstrating wide community support for our ambition and we hope people will continue to donate

    Anyone that requires more information is welcome to contact me on 0211 917 427 or

    Personally I will be donating $500 of every real estate commission I earn in 2016.

    Bayleys Real Estate has also agreed to match that figure, if the sale is generated from a lead connected to Roland’s Wood.

    And I put out the challenge to other Real Estate agents and companies to do something similar.

    People can donate to our campaign by posting a cheque to me at 72 Riverview Road or on-line at our Give A Little campaign.

    The support we are receiving is incredible and we appreciate every bit of it, be it donating time and services or cash donations.

    Simon Upperton – Chair Friends of Roland’s Wood Charitable Trust.

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