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"Empowering a women means you empower a family. Empowering a family means that we are one step closer to empowering a generation."

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"Currently 70% of children in Nepal start school but only 7% reach 10th school year and gain the School Leaving Certificate"

Nepal is ranked among the top 10 poorest countries in the world and a 1/4 of its population live below the poverty line. Almost half of the Nepali people are unemployed and currently 70% of children start school but only 7% reach the 10th school year and gain the School Leaving Certificate (SLC).

Nepal has a national literacy rate of 66% with the rate among women at 57%. As in many Asian countries boys are favoured over girls with the ratio of boys to girls in Nepali primary and secondary school being almost 2:1, in favour of boys. We believe that every child should have the right to go to school as the whole family benefits when the mother is educated.

Research shows that families of literate and educated mothers have higher standards of hygiene, lower birth rates and an increased likelihood of children attending school. GEE Nepal was inspired by GEN, a successful Girls Education Program in Nepal for 10 years. Based on the same principles, GEE Nepal is an official registered charity in New Zealand (CC54135), operating in Nepal without heavy admin costs. We have eight part-time staff on the ground in Nepal whose salaries are covered by a generous individual.

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GEE Nepal provides vulnerable girls in Nepal, who otherwise wouldn't have the opportunity to go to school with an education scholarship. We partner with Nepali organization P.A. (Prisoners Assistance Nepal) to locate needy girls who would benefit from this program. In Nepal, girls are very often undermined and not valued as men are, so their futures are often predestined to be house maids and slaves. But we believe that women have so much more value and deserve the right and opportunity to be educated just like men. So this is why we exist, to allow young women the chance to dream again and be inspiring leaders of society.

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