Fund grass-roots learning & educational programs teaching local students & farmers new skills to help them continue rebuilding their lives.

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The April/May 2015 earthquakes in Nepal destroyed approximately 80% of all standing structures in Bhumlutar, Nepal, severely damaged the schools, and killed 68 people and 473 animals. Golden Bay Friends of Nepal is run by 3 friends from Golden Bay who have all had magical and transformational experiences in Nepal. We have no salaries, no expenses and no overhead costs here in NZ. We volunteer 100% of our time to help our friends in Nepal rebuild and recover. 100% of every dollar donated to Golden Bay Friends of Nepal has gone (and will go) to helping the people of Nepal.

Since inception, Golden Bay Friends of Nepal has provided emergency supplies (medicine/food/tarps/water containers), metal roofing sheets for reconstruction of 32 houses, and construction of a 2-room learning facility building - the Golden Bay Friendship Academy.

In the Golden Bay Friendship Academy, we are teaching English, Computers, and Organic Agriculture to the students and local adults. We want to provide the skills and knowledge for local residents (mostly rural, subsistence farmers) to begin earning some income to begin rebuilding. Growing higher value organic crops (like tea, coffee, garlic, tomatoes, pineapples, etc) can provide opportunity for locals to remain in their villages and begin rebuilding.

Use of your donations:

Pay running costs of Golden Bay Friendship Academy (teacher salaries, internet, electricity)

Purchase materials (PVC plastic sheets) for small greenhouses around the village

Build several additional rainwater storage ponds for year-round water supply for crops

Purchase supplies and provide training for local honey production (bees, hives, tools, etc)

Pay visit fees for quarterly on-site training sessions by local Nepali experts (coffee, bees, etc)

Purchase some simple musical instruments for student enjoyment/creativity/development

Establishment of fruit garden to feed children fruit during breaks

Creation of women's group (weaving, seed saving, handicrafts, etc)

Creation of village cooperative to sell organic produce in Kathmandu and trekking areas

Offer basic yoga and meditation course on Saturdays (adults and children)

Develop online educational program for students

Build rubbish/plastic incinerator for village

Build solar dryer for drying mushrooms, fruits, etc

Long term goals:

Provide agricultural training to local farmers to enable them to grow higher-value organic (pesticide-free) crops (subsistence farming to income farming)

Set up village cooperative to sell high value organic crops in Banepa, Dhulikhel, Kathmandu

Develop first organic homestay in the village (for village income generation)

Develop volunteer program for foreign students (English, computers, agriculture, earth building)

Create agricultural learning/training/distribution centre (nursery) for local village distribution

The villagers and children are enormously grateful for the help Golden Bay Friends of Nepal has provided and have donated lots of their own time, sweat and energy to start rebuilding their lives and their community. love to turn our donations into a living, breathing, nurturing school. Our dear friends in Bhumlutar Village are receiving no other external assistance. We have a respected and trusted friend in the village (Bhupal Kharel) who is overseeing the project and the distribution of funds, he was the previous teacher at the destroyed school and is so excited to be teaching the children again. Feel free to visit our website or contact us if you have any questions, suggestions or requests. We are a NZ registered Charity (registration number CC53344) and we exist entirely on donated time so there are no costs, fees, or overhead. Whatever amount you donate will go directly to (y)our friends in Nepal. Thank you so much for your support. The people of Nepal thank you, too.

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Golden Bay Friends Of Nepal

Nelson / Tasman

Golden Bay Friends of Nepal is a not-for-profit club based in Golden Bay, New Zealand with an aim to provide relief to underprivileged people in Nepal suffering genuine hardship in the wake of the 2015 devastating earthquakes.

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