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Good Neighbour Trust

  • COVID Response

      2 April 2022
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    Good Neighbour has been helping since January 2022 to support people effected with COVID or self isolating with emergency food parcels. We had two weeks to set up a whole new system and premises to support the response and what started as small volumes of food parcels each week being needed, has grown to an average of about 220 food parcels each week being made up and delivered to people in our community. In the last week alone we had 271 households including several large households some with 19 people in them requiring support.

    To be able to do this we have a team of 30 volunteers coming in each week specifically to support this new response. They come in to sort food and make up emergency food parcels. We have had amazing support from local community agencies and businesses who have been willing to send staff along to lend a hand. We are very grateful for all their support to Good Neighbour and the community.

    We are fortunate to have two talented chefs and a team of kitchen volunteers who have also been able to respond to the needs of the community with home cooked meals made in our kitchen. They have been making 1000kg a week of bulk food which is 3000 meals ready to heat and eat. They have been well received in the community by people who are not feeling well enough to cook for themselves.

    As an organization we have experienced some disruption in our volunteer numbers as people are effected by COVID, but we are very fortunate to have a great list of volunteer reserves in the wings who are willing to step up at short notice when needed. We never know what each day will bring or who may be affected. It’s been vital to our operations to have great volunteers to rely on.

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  • Community Impact

      31 August 2021
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    Our city has some great Charities and Organisations supporting people in need. We help to support over 72 of those community stars . So I hope you enjoy our series of profiles and hearing about all the good that happens in our neighbourhood!

    ➡️Introducing: Shakti Ethnic Women’s Support Group. Inc

    Shakti is a national not-for-profit community organisation specialised in the area of women’s development, empowerment and domestic/ family violence intervention, prevention and awareness. They are a specialist provider of culturally competent support services for women, children and families of Asian, African and Middle Eastern origin. Over the years, the support group has grown from the confines of one tiny room to a national umbrella organisation with 7 member organisations in Central, West and South Auckland, Central North Island and South Island.

    ➡️ Locally they look after clients from Western & Eastern Bay of Plenty, Tauranga. Whakatane, Kawerau, Rotorua, Hamilton, Coromandel, Waihi ➡️For food : We contribute food priority for refuge house’s clients then distribute to outreach clients (the most of clients are sole mum) in Papamoa, Mount, Otumoetai, Matua, Tauranga, Gate Pa areas.

    ➡️They have 6 Staff and 2 Volunteers

    ➡️ At the moment they are supporting 3 women and 2 children at our refuge house and 3 women with 3 children outreach clients and it may change the recipients evey week.

    ➡️The main concerns from clients during lockdown:

    The most of the time they are stressed relating to their visa (immigration) and extension, if they still live with their husband it increases the arguments for any reasons. Also the whanau eat more rather than usual time.

    ➡️The ways they support clients in the community are:

    1) We encourage clients to attend our program for budgeting, CV writing, driving lessons, clients can use the knowledge to look for a job so they can support themselves.

    2) Suggest them to try to cook veges that they never eat before like swedes, parsnip, kale, silverbeet, fresh beetroot. etc. and use whatever they receive, be creative especially during lockdown tamariki eats more.

    3) Encourage them to Search or google about the veges they recieve but they have never cooked before and look for the recipes.

    ➡️What is the impact of the food you receive from Good Neighbour?

    1) Clients sometimes the receive food that they can’t afford or think twice before buying it such as Chocolate, ice cream, cake, chips, sanitary pads, baby milk, children’s cups, plates,nappies, meats and the precious food is chillies (the most of our ethnic clients love chillies).

    2) The food they receive covers the whole whanau (mum and children needs)

    3) The priority recipients for the foods are Non Residence clients because they are not eligible to receive any government assisstance and single parent.

    Through collaboration we can all make a difference. There are many different elements that make up a support network each plays an important role in creating successful outcomes for people in need. Thanks to everyone who plays a part


    Phone: 0800 Shakti (0800 742 584)

    If your life is in immediate danger please call 111.

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  • Dunkirk St Makeover

      31 July 2021
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    We had an EPIC project day today in Dunkirk St, Gate Pa.

    The street was a hive of activity with residents given the opportunity to get rid of rubbish and a hand up to maintain their properties.

    We had a great turn out and totally transformed the street to bring a sense of pride and community spirit.

    Collaboration is key to success and when the forces combine from Tauranga Central Police Station, Synergy Technologies Ltd. Zespri™ Kiwifruit, Accessible Properties, Salty Surf Crew and GN volunteers the outcome is amazing.

    We enjoyed a beautiful lunch together of Butter Chicken made by our kitchen crew from Tauranga Boys' College made entirely with rescued food !!

    A huge thanks to everyone who helped today and braved the weather, we really appreciate your support 🌈⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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  • Firewood Summary

      7 July 2021
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    Referrals for firewood were received from a total of 33 different agencies in Tauranga Moana, which has been a wonderful opportunity to strengthen existing collaborations and create many new connections between agencies also.

    We asked some of our recipients some questions about Firewood. This is some of their responses :

    Thinking about your recent interaction, how do you feel, and how have we helped?

    “Very appreciative, definitely. I would have had to go to WINZ and get into more debt for wood and pay it back per week on top of my other WINZ debt.”

    This Photo by Unknown

    “Grateful for the help from everyone, I feel pretty good and you have helped keep the house warm and the kids. An awesome job for the community.”

    “We don’t have to worry so much about preserving the firewood pile and can run the fire as needed.”

    “Felt really good to get out of the house with the kids and do something for the day”, “It was really nice as I’ve been feeling down in the dumps and had surgery on my back last year so it was good to feel like I could get out and do somethings again”.

    “I just feel over the moon and blessed and appreciative, humbled by it. It means the world to me”.

    “My house is warm and just the pleasant interactions when I’m having a lot of crap. A smiley guy being friendly, and it mattered, my whole situation was taken into account. He’ll never know what it meant to me on that day”.

    “Like a well-oiled machine, nothing went wrong, and everyone pulled together. I’m definitely happy and grateful for me, and the whole community”

    “As a family we contributed to others and ourselves and got to talk about giving and receiving, we are now able to work better as a household”

    “It went smoothly, the process was good it flowed and went quickly, it was well organised, and people could fit in. Knowing about the sense of community and now that help is there.”

    “You go home with a sense of purpose and knowing that you helped others. It was an awesome feeling.”

    “It was a good way to connect with my children, I had three of them out there, and doing the mahi together” What could we improve?

    “More marketing and advertising for the firewood. Get more sponsors to supply and meet the demand.” “More budget as the work ran out due to not enough in the budget to complete the work”

    “Some of the firewood is really wet – we are friends with one of the team on the day and he said that a different pile should have been used” “its manageable but I wonder if there was a communication mix up on the day?” “Generally, the communication on the day was friendly and clear, that was done really well”.

    “If anything, it would have been better to have more areas to stack the wood onto the trailer – more piles of wood that we were allowed to get, spread out. I hit a lady with a piece of wood as we were too close together!”

    “Payment plan, even $40 is quite a lot to be taken out in one week. Or give people more notice. Or lining it up with the winter energy payment or something”.

    “Keep up the manaakitangi, making sure you don’t become another system!”

    In your experience what is the biggest need in the community right now?

    “Service like yours, practical help, lawnmowers, wood and stuff. You need more funding to keep doing what you do”. “There are so many needs in the community, the elderly and sick are most vulnerable, and your assistance makes the difference”.

    “Support for families in need”.


    “Low-income families not being able to provide for their children”

    “Tauranga needs an entire new Women’s Refuge”

    “When people have complex problems, we need more people that know how to deal with it, wrap around services with qualified people to deal with trauma” “We need more trauma informed psychotherapists”.

    “Not enough support”

    “Address meth dealers, causing theft, burglaries, violence, family harm, it is unpredictable, I have seen it firsthand and it is ugly”

    “Benefit/cost of food/housing”

    “Suicide rates”

    “All the failing systems, WINZ, Family court...”

    “I would say support and knowledge of what’s out there in the community for help. I didn’t realise half the stuff you did” “Food”

    “Knowing there is more support” “Knowing how we are available”

    “Being aware that youse are there. Being out there and part of something like that”

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  • Food at the heart of change

      12 May 2021
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    Our ‘Life skills’ program is based around food and the kitchen. Helping local youth to stay engaged in society, developing self-worth and confidence enables them to better cope with life’s challenges and learn new skills along the way. We learn together through practical tasks in and out of the kitchen. The team uses rescued food in sustainable ways to make meals for community organisations, building ‘Mana’ as they journey together.

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  • Second Hand Lawnmower Drive

      10 November 2020
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    The Projects team have been running a lawn mower programme for the last 2 years where families are able to come and borrow a mower and mow their own lawns - which is all part of our philosophy of a hand up. It's been great to be able to give families the independence to be able to look after their own properties and take pride in their homes.

    Over the years we have developed a relationship with families and now we would like to lift the burden of having to borrow one or hire one or trying to buy one as it's simply something they can't afford to do

    So we are asking for your help please - If you have a lawnmower you are not using or upgrading or moving house etc. Could we please request that you donate it to us to be able to give to families in need for Christmas.

    Help us to get people the tools they need to take pride in their properties and lend their lawnmowers around their neighbours too. One Lawnmower will help much more than one property.

    We would like to be able to give every lawnmower that goes out a set of Ear Muffs and Petrol Can, if you would be willing to donate $25 towards this we would really appreciate that, please let us know. We will also be needing some parts too.

    We are thrilled to have Action Equipment on Board as Partners in this new community initiative they are going to be giving the lawnmowers a once over and putting together a parts list. All three of their branches are agents of this wonderful initiative so you can drop your lawnmowers off to any of the following :

    TAURANGA - 15 Glasgow St

    KATIKATI - 108 Main Rd

    TE PUKE - 271 Jellicoe St

    Once our volunteers have prepared the lawn mowers we will send a referral form out to our 70 Recipient Charities and Organisations who will be able to refer their clients to be considered. Then the lawnmowers will be delivered in time for Christmas.

    Please help us spread the word around your family, friends and workplaces. Keep an eye on our FB Page too and share the initiative.

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  • Second Hand Bike Drive

      10 November 2020
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    We have so far collected over 200 bikes. Our volunteer team with collect them fix them up for Children and Families in need for Xmas - you can support the initiative with a donation which will help to buy parts, helmets, and new bikes if we have any left over funds.

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  • Firewood Depot

      5 July 2020
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    The Good Neighbour Firewood Dept has now distributed over 200 Cubic Meters of dry split firewood to families in need. The wood comes from the Port as damaged export logs and is then processed by our machine with the help of lots of volunteers. Refferals are made by local agencies and then families come to the depot and load up their load and then help deliver it, stack it and then load up another families load. We finish the morning with a community BBQ with Food from our Food Rescue Dept with all the families and volunteers . Please help support this wonderful initiative and help keep families warm for next season 2021

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  • Firewood Depot

      5 July 2020
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    The Good Neighbour Firewood Dept has now distributed over 200 Cubic Meters of dry split firewood to families in need. The wood comes from the Port as damaged export logs and is then processed by our machine with the help of lots of volunteers. Refferals are made by local agencies and then families come to the depot and load up their load and then help deliver it, stack it and then load up another families load. We finish the morning with a community BBQ with Food from our Food Rescue Dept with all the families and volunteers . Please help support this wonderful initiative and help keep families warm this winter.

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    • 05/07/2020 by Angela

      We are now out of dry firewood so this will support families for next seasons wood

  • Food Rescue Stats

      18 May 2020
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    Good Neighbour has saved $3.1 Million Dollars of rescued food from 13 Supermarkets and redistributed that out to local Charities and Organisations

    462 Tons of Rescued food = 1,321,334 meals

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