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Gutter Kitties

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    Franscine asks


    I would like to talk to you about possible adoption. Can you please contact me as I don't have a facebook account.

    My mobile number is 021 527 120.

    Kind regards


    on 4 Jul 2019

    • Gutter Kitties

      Gutter Kitties

      Hi Franscine,

      Please email our foster manager and she will be able to help with sny questions.

      Kind Regards


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    Sharon asks

    I don't want to ask you a question, I just wanted to tell you I do what I can o support you through donating Butch Dog Rolls to Gutter Kitties & Lonely Miaow.

    I think you do exceptionally wonderful work and your name just always pulls at my heart strings :D

    Kind Regards,


    on 29 Apr 2015

    This question has not been answered yet.

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