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HUNDERTWASSER ART CENTRE with Wairau Maori Art Gallery (raising funds via Whangarei Art Musuem Trust)

  • We almost have enough cash in hand to start Te Kakano (Stage 1)     31 January 2016
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    Our main push through the give a little page at the moment is to get construction started on Te Kakano. This is part of the proposal that was voted on at referendum, but unlike the main build, we can start it as soon as we have enough committed donations. We have just received generous contributions from Pub Charity Limited ($50,000) and the Tiger Trust ($100,000) so we are very close.

    Te Kakano, the seed, is a 5 metre-high ceramic and brick architectural sculpture, based on the koru, a symbol embraced by Hundertwasser. The structure will include seating and a small covered area with a planted roof. In accordance with Hundertwasser's values, local bricks are to be upcycled into the construction The construction will use the building techniques to be applied to the main Hundertwasser Art Centre.

    Te Kakano, was part of the proposal chosen by Whangarei citizens in the referendum last year. The main building is subject to fundraising over the next year and a half. However, funding for Te Kakano is almost in place and the building consent (the final administrative step) is expected to be finalised in February.

    Te Kakano will be a unique attraction in itself and supporters are keen to see work start on it as soon as possible. That could be as soon as March, if people get behind it.

    If you have already given through Give A Little your money will be put towards this structure. We are tremendously grateful to you – please spread the word we would love to get work started.

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  • The Whangarei Hundertwasser Art Centre     26 March 2014

    Introducing Hundertwasser and his vision for the HAC

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