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The Huntington’s Disease Youth Organisation of New Zealand (HDYO NZ) aims to support educate, and advocate for young people affected by HD

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  Nationwide Youth Health Education Awareness

We are the Huntington’s Disease Youth Organisation of New Zealand (HDYO NZ), a newly formed organisation with the goal of supporting, educating, and advocating for young people affected by Huntington’s Disease.

Our vision is for the youth of New Zealand impacted by HD to be knowledgeable, supported and empowered through a strong community, support network and accessible information.

The purposes of HDYO NZ are:


(a) To provide a community and support network for NZ youth impacted by HD through accessible information, web based communities, and development of HDYO NZ.

(b) To identify and promote other beneficial support services


(a) To increase knowledge and awareness of HD

(b) To provide age specific (children, teens, and young adults) user friendly resources and information in a high quality professional manner


(a) Listen to and advocate for the needs and goals of youth

(b) Increase public awareness and understanding of the disease and promote Huntington’s disease research

COLLABORATE with other organisations, associations or societies whose purpose is similar to those of HDYO NZ.

SEEK FUNDING for the sustainability of the organisation.

More about us

We are a group of young people who have come together with one common goal - to support, empower and educate the youth affected by Huntington's Disease.

Our executive team is made up of:

1. Young neuroscientists who specialise in HD research at the Centre for Brain Research at the University of Auckland

2. Family members and supporters who are impacted by HD and want to set up a means to help other young people

Your donation will contribute towards:

1. Running programs and projects to educate and empower youth affected by HD across NZ.

2. Create a sense of community for youth across NZ to interact in a safe and supported environment.

3. Use innovative methods to drop the stigma and raise the profile of HD in NZ.

Huntington's disease is the most curable incurable disorder according to scientists! And while we hope the cure will come tomorrow, we need to support the youth today!

Latest update

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Our givealittle page is live!  18 May 2015

Dear All,

Thank you all so much for your donations since the birth of our givealittle page last week! We have nearly hit $100 and its only been a few days! Fantastic effort!

Combining all of our efforts so far with our recent bake sale and our philanthropic lobbying, we are 35% there to achieving our monetary goal to produce our professional web-based resource which will educate, advocate, and support young people affected by HD.

This is amazing! We only pre-launched our organisation at the beginning of May! Our plan is to formally launch once our website goes live...we are so excited!

The next few months are instrumental for we plan more bake sales and other fundraising ventures...all we can say is STAY TUNED AND KEEP SPREADING THE WORD!

With warmest gratitude,

The HDYO NZ Board :)

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    naše misli su s vama, Aunty M, Ants and Chris.


    • Huntington's Disease Youth Organisation of New Zealand (HDYO NZ)

      Thank you so much for your kind donation! We are one step closer to have a HDYO-NZ youth worker thanks to you! Your generosity is monumental! Thank you thank you thank you!

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