Horses Helping Humans Taranaki, Hōiho Hāpai Hapori

Horses Helping Humans Taranaki, Hōiho Hāpai Hapori

We are fundraising to cover our operational costs so that we can continue to offer the programme at a discounted rate to taiohi.


Horses Helping Humans™ is an internationally recognised award winning programme that was developed by Sue Spence in 2006. We have incorporated Te Ao Māori, so that it is more relevant to Aotearoa’s taiohi (teenagers). Taiohi learn about the four personality temperaments (Sanguine, Phlegmatic, Choleric and Melancholic) and the default body language that each displays when under stress. Specific horsemanship exercises (no riding involved), are used to teach taiohi how they can adjust their breathing and their body language to keep themselves calm, improving their assertive communication skills and enabling them to make good decisions when under pressure. Each taiohi is paired with a hōiho (horse) and a facilitator for a total of 6 hours.

Taiohi Outcomes:

- Improved self-confidence

- Improved emotional regulation

- Improved assertive communication skills

- Use body language to communicate clear boundaries. Learn what saying “no” looks and feels like.

- Improved self-awareness

- Improved awareness of others

- Improved mental well being

- Strong sense of connection with their hōiho

Proven Results with:

- Anxiety

- Aggression

- Low Self-Confidence

- Youth Justice

The prices that we charge for our workshops only cover about 50% of what it costs to run the programme. We are fundraising to cover our operational costs so that we can continue to offer the programme at a discounted rate to taiohi in the Taranaki region.

Services offered:

- Individuals or up to 4 taiohi at time

- Whānau workshops for parents/caregivers and their taiohi

- Staff Trainings for professionals who work with taiohi

- Team Building Workshops


“This is a life changing day… taught me how to turn down bad decisions when I can, with a firm foot… Stand back on my heels, have an open body and be confident in just saying No...taught me how to communicate in a positive way. So if people can’t understand me, I’ll show them in actions… Taught me how to control my emotions in a good way.. Taught me how to breathe before doing an action and breathe after. So just take your time, while breathing”. Aged 16

“I learned to be assertive and clear in my instructions. I liked finding coping mechanisms in a fun way” Aged 17

“You have shown me patience and understanding.” Aged 13

“I learned that sometimes, taking control is the best way.” Aged 13

“I learned that you can calm yourself by leaning on your heels.” Aged 13

“I liked becoming more confident in situations. I learned about myself and my awesome qualities” Aged 17

“I had a panic attack the other day, I did the breathing techniques and calmed myself down” Aged 17

“This programme is pure gold and we would not hesitate to register our taiohi (youth) again. We certainly have no hesitation in recommending this programme for any taiohi from other learning establishments who require some support in bringing out the best in themselves. While any taiohi would love and benefit from it, it is particularly beneficial for those whom are struggling and are more vulnerable. We run a range of supportive programmes for our students at school, however there is no way we have the capacity to emulate the uniqueness and power in the same way that those sessions did.” - Coastal Taranaki School

“The students instantly connected to their horses and commented on how incredible it was that you matched them so perfectly to their personality types. I have witnessed the students put into practice the techniques that they learned on the programme, which has had a positive impact on their everyday lives.” Amy Adams, Stratford High School Teen Parent Unit

"Horses Helping Humans has been the most rewarding experience for our taiohi. The self discovery found through breathing techniques and ground work with the horses has been recognised through further ongoing conversations with our young people. Bringing a te ao Māori perspective into the sessions was a brilliant way to incorporate our culture into learning.

Communication with Laura and her team was very efficient and they really adapted to Tui Ora’s needs. Laura was able to perfectly match each facilitator and horse to the young person to get the best outcome. We can’t thank HHH enough for the opportunity and hope to work together in the future.

-Nāu te rourou, nāku te rourou, ka ora ai te iwi- With your food basket and my food basket the people will thrive.”

Krista Harrison, Kaimahi Taiohi, Tui Ora

“The value of the 2 days is obvious and certainly exceeded my expectations of what was possible in this short time!” Susan Hopkins, Hāwera High

Our Team:

Patron: Judge Lynne Harrison

Chairperson: Bridget Burke

Treasurer: Scott Ireland

Secretary: Christine Egarr

Board Members: Christine Goodin, Dave MacKenzie

More about us

We use our herd of horses to teach taiohi how they can adjust their breathing and their body language to regulate their emotions and improve their assertive communication skills - enabling them to make good decisions when under pressure.

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