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HUHA (Helping You Help Animals) Charitable Trust

Sue Mary Elizabeth
on 10 May 2021

Sue Mary Elizabeth asks


I'm hoping to contact you HUHA re saving a beautiful family dog who's set down to be euthanized today at 4pm. I'm pleading with the owners who have lived on their small family holding at Peel Forest, Geraldine district for years. Chopper is a very handsome and happy black and white sheepdog/ collie who has not much been used for the half dozen cattle or sheep here but mostly is not tied up and wanders around behind his master or occasionally chases opposums up a tree. Or plays ball with another dog. He's about 7yrs old I think.

Chopper is friendly and well meaning. But he'll snap or bite if his space is suddenly invaded. He never attacks anyone or other dogs. In the past 4 or five years he has bitten three people who gave him a fright. (Little kids used to hit him with stones & sticks when he was tied up as a pup. He ran away years ago and adopted Steve. :-))

On May 3 he bit the ankle of the owner's wife who is not particularly an animal person when she dropped some chopped up dog food for him down beside her foot. She was about to go out and feed the chooks. She had not checked that my friendly dog who lives here too at moment was out of the way and my dog poked her head in from the other side trying to see what Chopper was eating. Chopper snapped at Tilly my dog but got his owner's wife instead. Who went to have a tetanus shot and one stitch in the wound.

Chopper is set to be euthanized because there are lots of guests who come to the backpackers/ homestay with children too sometimes.

My Name is Sue Sullivan and I'm a boarder here for a few months. The owners are long time friends of mine and kind, generous people. But not particularly dog people tho my dog is allowed inside. Chopper drapes himself over the doorway watching what's going on. He's a very cute, funny dog. Please respond if possible by email, messenger or a WhatsApp text or as cell phone coverage here is patchy. My email:

Cell: 027 252 4561 Thank you. I will pay costs if Chopper has to be transported somewhere. Thank you for your wonderful work. Xxx Sue

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