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Inclusive Education Action Group

  • Education For All Priorities and Action Plan

      26 August 2014

    Well adjusted students, schools and communities; and confident and capable education settings, are just two of the priorities IEAG has helped develop as part of the Education for All Priorities and Action Plan. The plan is based on disability and human rights and clearly articulates what needs to happen in the NZ Education System in order for disabled people's and their families' rights to be realised. Education For All wants government to work in partnership with the disability sector to ensure all disabled students are included in their communities and schools. You can read more about our work at this link You can help disabled students and their families, and ensure that they will get a great start in life by being included, alongside their siblings and friends, in their local schools and communities. Please donate today.

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  • Seminars impress teachers and parents

      7 April 2014

    Inclusive Education Seminars were held in Wellington and Palmerston North in November 2013. Over 120 school senior management, teachers, teacher aides and parents attended. These seminars have been running around the country and are very popular. With your help, IEAG can run more seminars around New Zealand to connect communities and inspire them to make positive changes and become more inclusive. Here is what seminar participants said: ? This was really good ? I learnt so much ? Made me think / rethink my attitudes towards inclusion of all children ? not just ehigh needs/special needsf kids. ? Encourage senior management in the school to attend seminars like this. ? Excellent seminar ? thank you! Please donate to IEAG and help us run more of the worthwhile seminars around the country.

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  • Successful Auckland Network Meeting

      14 October 2013

    In early October 2013, Auckland parents and teachers met to discuss ""Setting up a Support Group in Your School"". A group of parents shared their experiences of setting up a support group. They talked about the positive changes that have happened and the benefits for them, their children and their school. Participants received a heap of printed resources and networked with other parents and educators from throughout Auckland. Here is some feedback from a parent at the meeting: ""Thank you to the amazing team at IEAG - the informative evening last night was most informative. I feel a little more educated on Inclusiveness...thank you.""

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  • Supporting School Boards and Trustees

      23 August 2013

    July 2013 saw IEAG distributing resources to 850 school trustees as the NZ School Trustees Assoc Conference in Auckland. The trustees were most grateful for the free resources we offered and many relished the opportunity to talk about their schools and ask questions. Trustees are tasked with making their schools more inclusive through their charter, policies and learning environments. For parent representatives there is much to learn about governing schools and IEAG is keen to share information and support boards in their role. Our brochures ""FAQs on schooling for disabled children and young people"" as well as ""Questions for Board of Trustees - supporting your school to be more inclusive"" were snapped up. It costs a lot to attend the conference and publish these resources, your contribution will help IEAG to provide information and support so that School Boards put good policies and practice into place.

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