Kiwi CRPS Charitable Trust

Kiwi CRPS Charitable Trust

Kiwi CRPS Trust needs help with funding, so we can provide opportunities for those affected to get support, information and companionship.


Complex Regional Pain syndrome (CRPS) is rare, under-researched and often misunderstood. The lives of those affected are turned upside down. Pain levels are unimagnably high and constant, to the point where even the lightest touch to skin results in extreme distress. A diagnosis of Complex Regional Pain syndrome is a scary and confusing. A quick web-search will show horror story after horror story about CRPS.

Kiwi CRPS Trust, a registered charity, provides a positive force to support those affected by CRPS, to raise awareness, advocate, collect information and support research efforts, all of which requires infrastructure and funding.

What is CRPS?

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is, as its name suggests, complex!

​This is the simplest explanation: CRPS is continuing pain, well out of proportion to the severity and normal time frame of the event that caused the initial pain. As well as pain it involves sensory, autonomic, motor and/or tropic symptoms.

More about us

Kiwi CRPS Trust is a New Zealand run charity providing support, awareness, friendship and education for those in New Zealand who are living with or have loved ones with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. We collaborate with researchers and health organisations to continuously raise awareness.

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Who's involved?

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