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Lonely people of all ages live in quiet despair, affecting their mental health. Let's support them to find greater meaningfulness in life.

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Loneliness is heart-wrenchingly painful! Too many of our New Zealanders – young and old - are struggling – living every day with no meaningful relationships to help them through some really tough times! They literally feel alone and in despair. With your money contribution, and our expertise in conquering loneliness, we will enable lives to be changed for the better.

Some of our loneliest people are from our vulnerable groups in Aotearoa: – some of these people are not financially able to help themselves, and your money will go to support them – to stop increasing their disadvantage.

The sadness is that lonely people can make it really hard to connect meaningfully with other people: they often are not aware just how much their self-protection kicks in resulting in pushing others away. So helping a lonely person have a better way of viewing their world, and having more meaningful relationships, will also help those around them – their whanau, families and caregivers.

Lonely people are often less able to fulfil their own potential, as they are not able to make the most of interacting with others. So with your help, enabling a person to overcome their loneliness will help them form better relationships with others who can provide them with employment, and keep them in jobs longer.

Specifically, with your contribution, we could offer free access to our counselling, coaching and mentoring sessions to some vulnerable and lonely people. Our participants will come from our collaborations with those organisations that provide other services for vulnerable people – ensuring those that need our support the most get the help provided by your generosity.

Our criteria for selecting participants are those that are able to have their counselling through Skype – enabling those who are not able to financially afford transport, and who are not otherwise able to leave their homes easily, to get support.

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Loneliness NZ (www.loneliness.org.nz) is intent on conquering loneliness in New Zealand. We are working hard to ensure New Zealand starts focusing on loneliness as a wellbeing priority.

At an individual level, lonely people struggle having quality relationships, and that can spiral the loneliness further, affecting work, study and home life. The distress of ongoing loneliness causes higher risk of depression, physical and mental health problems; and suicide. So addressing loneliness improves the emotional wellbeing and mental health outcomes in New Zealand.

Our vision is that those who have loneliness in their lives are enabled to better understand themselves and the way they connect to other people, and their world. With our help lonely people will experience significantly less pain that loneliness brings with it, and become stronger emotionally and mentally within themselves, increasing their resilience and dependency on others. This will enable them to have better quality relationships with people around them – providing a ripple effect of better social connectedness. The more meaningful relationships across New Zealand, the greater chance of preventing loneliness in yourself and in others.

To achieve our vision we provide support of loneliness in the form of counselling, mentoring, and coaching to individuals. Research has been very clear that lonely people need support to overcome their loneliness through changing the way they think about themselves and people. So working with individuals on their own is the most effective way to overcome loneliness.

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