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Make-A-Wish New Zealand

  • Update for 01/12/2008

      1 December 2008

    The mission of Make-A-Wish New Zealand is to create hope and happiness by granting the cherised wishes of children and young people living with a life-threatening illness.

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  • About Make a Wish

      20 November 2008

    Make-A-Wish? New Zealand has been granting wishes to children and young people since 1987. Wishes bring magic, joy and hope to these children and their families, as well as unforgettable experiences. We are the only childrenfs charity in New Zealand that focuses solely on wish granting. We canft add days to a childfs life but we can add life to a childfs day. Types of Wishes A child may wish for anything and we will do our best to make it happen. Wishes come in many shapes and sizes ? they are as varied as childrenfs imaginations! It can take some time for a child to think of their one, true wish. Children are encouraged to take their time. There are no waiting lists although sometimes a childfs medical condition may prevent the wish being granted straight away. Thatfs fine too, as their magical wish will be waiting when they get better. In general, wishes fall into four categories: To meetca favourite rock star, actor or sporting hero To beca policeman, zoo keeper or fairy princess To haveca computer, trampoline, spa pool or playhouse To gocon a family holiday in New Zealand or to Australia Wishes to go to the Gold Coast Theme Parks, or to have a new laptop are very popular, but we receive some unusual requests as well ? from a wiggles playhouse, to having a trampoline fairy tea party with an All Black or to record a song with artist Savage. Wish Process: The Wish Visit Once medical eligibility of the wish child is confirmed, two Make-A-Wish New Zealand volunteers are allocated to meet with the child or young person and their family to determine the special wish. The ewish chatf takes between 30 minutes to an hour and provides an opportunity for our dedicated volunteers to learn more about the child and their wish request. The volunteers complete a questionnaire which is returned to the wish coordinator at National Office. Making the wish happen Our hardworking wish coordination team will do whateverfs required, whether it be arranging itineraries, sourcing suppliers or sweet talking celebrity management to make every childfs dream come true. Our wonderful volunteers also get involved, using their contacts within the local community to make magic happen. As you can see, itfs a team effort! The wish presentation The magical wish is brought to life by the volunteers and wish coordinators. The volunteers put together a wish presentation that creates a magical and memorable experience for the children and their family.

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