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Mothers Milk NZ

  • Mum Y would like to thanks us.      30 August 2019
    Posted by: Mothers Milk NZ
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    Just wanted to say that we truly appreciate the fantastic work that you and your organisation do and hope you will pass on our deepest gratitude to the other staff and generous donors. Your help came at a key time when to my shock I discovered my milk hadn't come in as expected and despite trying everything under the sun, it sadly never did. I can't describe our level of panic when we realised my poor daughter had been deprived in her first few days of life and lost a significant amount of her birth weight. We were truly terrified as we chartered unknown waters, she being our first child, and hit that unexpected obstacle. We will be forever grateful for the fact that while formula came to the rescue initially, we were glad to know that she also had the opportunity to receive the significant benefits of breast milk also throughout her first six months of life. It truly has meant a lot to us.

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