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Mphatikizo is a small grassroots charity with a big heart operating in rural Malawi. It provides help in a sustainable and cooperative way.

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Mphatikizo is a small grassroots charity based in Malawi, Africa. Malawi is located in the south eastern part of Africa. The charity’s location is at Intubwi, near Liwonde in the south of Malawi. The country is approximately the size of the South Island of New Zealand. The estimated population is approximately 15 million people, of which 75% live below the poverty line (less than a dollar a day). It is one of the poorest countries in the world. This shows a significant need for sustainable community development. Mphatikizo aims to deliver exactly that, sustainable community development, through the help of New Zealand.


For Liwonde to be a community full of hope because its people are fulfilled, empowered, healthy and nourished people.


To help the people of Liwonde to help themselves. Mphatikizo, through its down to earth approach, supports local solutions to local issues through education, training and practical help where needed.


Our ultimate goal is to not be needed, but, in the meantime, we have three project avenues on the go. These are; Community care, sustainable agriculture, health and wellness.

While our goal is sustainable development, Mphatikizo does provide aid at times because the need can be so great. But, at our core, we are working towards sustainable solutions - local solutions to local problems.

We work cooperatively with Malawian chiefs and local families and, together, we are building a future for the community that will sustain their own needs. This means that we work with local people who work mostly on a voluntary basis – we help and guide and, where appropriate, provide some resources to enhance the local efforts. This empowers the local villagers and ensures that they grow in their skills and confidence.

More information on the specifics of what we do in the community, other ways to help or to receive the newsletter visit our website on

Zikomo kwambiri [pronounced; zee-como kwom-beni] (Thank you very much in Chichewa the local language)

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Mphatikizo is grassroots based charity that works in Malawi, Africa. It aims to provide sustainable community development by working together with local people to achieve local solutions. It focuses on three areas; community care, sustainable agriculture and health and wellness.

More information can be found on

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David on 07 Dec 2020
Hi guys, heres to many gallons of water, the best drink in the world.
Daniel on 08 Jan 2020
Greenwood Roche
Greenwood Roche on 06 Dec 2019
Well done on the amazing work you are doing - the team at Greenwood Roche
Fleur on 07 Jul 2019
On behalf of our sons 1st Birthday! Keep up your amazing work Bob and Regina. Lots of Love Fleur
TMF Jakub
TMF Jakub on 29 Mar 2019

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