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Nelson Fringe Arts Charitable Trust

  • Fourth Year Wrap Up     21 May 2018
    Posted by: Nelson Fringe Arts Charitable Trust
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    We have just finished our 4th year of the Nelson Fringe Festival! We miss it already.

    So here are our stats for 2018:

    42 Shows

    15 Workshops

    10 days

    2 Venues

    60+ volunteers

    150+ Artists

    2000+ audience members

    16 awards

    11 team members

    We are so grateful to everyone who made the 2018 festival a success. We really believe in the value of this festival for our city and for the artists and audiences involved.

    If you are keen for this event to continue and are interested in showing your respect and support for the artists involved please consider donating to our page today. We believe that art is a right, not a privilege, and we aim to keep our ticket prices as affordable as possible so that everyone who wants to can attend the Nelson Fringe. We also believe that our artists deserve to be paid for the work they create so we rely on the generosity of the community to help us make that happen. Please assist us in making both of these things a reality and ensuring the quality and future of this event in our community!

    Kind Regards

    Laura Irish

    Artistic Director

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