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A registered charity trust. Bumblebees are 50 times more effective than a honey bee in their pollination services. They help pollinate crops throughout New Zealand which is worth millions of dollars to our economy. Without bees our fruit and vegetables would be much more expensive. Times are tough for our bumblebees as their habitat and food resources are at risk due to the way we farm and grow food without flowers.

YOU CAN HELP just by growing wildflowers

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Thank you from the all the NZ bumblebees for helping taking care of us

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Bumblebees and other pollinators are in dramatic global decline. They are essential for the reproduction of an estimated 90% of flowering plants and 33% of our food crops. Bumblebees are excellent pollinators. Humankind so survival totally relies on keeping the past between flowers, our environment and pollinators intact. This trust aims to promote the conservation and long term future of bumblebees in NZ.

We must tell our people and our children why and how we can help the bumblebee

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  • strath

    strath on 28 Apr 2020



  • Monday Moon Quiz

    Monday Moon Quiz on 02 Sep 2019


    From all the quiz teams at Moon's Monday quiz


    • New Zealand Bumblebee Conservation Trust fantastic is this! From the Trustees at NZBCT we thank you so very much for your most generous donation Please send us a mailing address so we can send you all some wildflower seed to plant With kind regards Helen

  • Wildflower

    Wildflower on 23 Oct 2018



    • New Zealand Bumblebee Conservation Trust

      Hello Wildflower Many thanks from NZBCT and the bumblebees This is fantastic

  • Jemma

    Jemma on 23 Oct 2018



    • New Zealand Bumblebee Conservation Trust

      Hi Jemma....this is fantastic Thank you from NZBCT and the bumblebees

  • Kevin Merriman

    Kevin Merriman on 16 Jan 2017



    • New Zealand Bumblebee Conservation Trust

      Hello Kevin. Thank you very much for your kind donation

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