The New Zealand Skeptics Society is a non-profit that promotes scientific skepticism here in Aotearoa.


If extraordinary claims are being made, NZ Skeptics believe you should demand extraordinary proof, especially if you are putting your money or your life on the line.

Many of the practices we question take advantage of people at their most vulnerable – cancer patients seeking alternative cures, grief-stricken bereaved seeking contact with the dead. They prey upon our trust, our hopes and our fears, and exploit our lack of specialist knowledge.

Please support our efforts to educate the public about critical thinking, and to pre-bunk the pseudoscience before it has the chance to spread and cause more harm.

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The NZ Skeptics Society is a non-profit body that exists to promote critical thinking. Where the potential for harm exists – whether physical, mental, emotional or economic – Skeptics consider it unethical to leave these claims unchallenged.

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