Otago Peninsula Biodiversity Trust

Otago Peninsula Biodiversity Trust

A charitable trust focused on the eradication of the Brushtail Possum off the Otago Peninsula.


Our project was formed more than ten years ago when a small group of dedicated locals saw the need for possum control on the Otago Peninsula, and they wanted to make a difference. The Otago Peninsula is home to critically endangered species such as the yellow-eyed penguin and the New Zealand sea lion, among various other flora and fauna.

The Brushtail Possum was introduced to New Zealand from Australia in the late 1800s with the idea of establishing a possum fur trade. Unfortunately, native animals in New Zealand have never been equipped to deal with a large predator like the possum. When the possum arrived, the existence of a natural balance was lost. With no natural predators of their own, possum numbers climbed rapidly to an estimated 50-75 million in 1985. Also facing the wrath of stoats, ferrets and rats, the natives didn't stand a chance at survival. Until now.

Our team of staff and volunteers have removed over 24,000 possums from the Otago Peninsula, and the benefits of this are showing. From the small critters like the weta and the rifleman, to the sea lions and penguins, they are starting to take back their homes. The interwoven songs of native birds echo atop the flourishing understory of the native bush. We started this, and we're going to finish it - but we need your help.

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The Otago Peninsula Biodiversity Group is a charitable trust on the Otago Peninsula who are focused on eradicating possums to protect the yellow-eyed penguins, sea lions and other critically endangered flora and fauna who call the peninsula home.

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