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  • Lukey update     30 October 2017
    Posted by: Pound Paws Rescue
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    ❤ UPDATE from foster home: Lukey is going back to the vet on Wednesday or Thursday to have his ear operated on again. The dead skin on his ear is affecting the good skin. They are going to check his right front leg as he started to limp this morning. Other than that he is so bright today, he's tired now and will have a nap, he is such a good dog. (Ps he is eating on his own! 😊).

    🚩 The person responsible for this attack (and their dog) have not been located 😕 Their friends, family, neighbours, work mates or someone must know something?! Please don't let this horror happen again! Do the right thing!

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  • Lukey - attacked by dog - Waimate     28 October 2017
    Posted by: Pound Paws Rescue
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    We are extremely grateful for all of the support shown for Lukey. Thank you so much to each and every one of you that have been able to donate.

    We are updating our facebook regularly, for those of you on facebook - you can follow:

    For those that are not, here is a copy of an update fyi:

    ❤ Lukey update

    Lukey is being moved back to his foster home today as he is not coping being at the vet clinic. He is on good pain relief. He is being syringe fed. Although his injuries are horrific, it is a relief that no major organs or arteries were damaged. He should heal. It's important to us that he does not suffer to a degree that it would be inhumane. We are closely monitoring all aspects of his well being. Thanks again for all of your support, it's been truly amazing.

    The dog and owner responsible for the attack have not been found as yet. The Waimate Animal Control have been fantastic with their efforts.

    $1,500 reward (kindly donated) for the apprehension of the dog and prosecution of the owner.

    The dog was a pale BRINDLE dog with white. It had not been desexed (entire). Had no collar. Was muscular. It looked rough/unkept.

    It went straight into attack mode. There was no owner with the dog.

    This happened Wednesday, 25 October approx 11am. At the Old Waimate Cemetery. An older model dark blue 4WD passed and slowed, then carried on its way.

    Any information please private message us. Your personal details will be kept 100% confidential. Thank you.

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