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ReBicycle Charitable Trust

  • Bike Month!

      19 January 2017
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    Kia ora koutou katoa,

    Around these parts February is known as Bike Month! And we're hoping to take that to the next level.

    ReBicycle Trust is pretty much run by me with a huge amount of support from my partner Mike. He works all day to pay the bills then helps out in the weekend to fix up bikes. We also have two small assistants, ages 3 and 1, who are yet to master the art of truing a wheel but are pretty happy to help pump up tyres and get into the box of spare parts. My family has given up most of our garage, half our dining and a whole lot of my time to make ReBicycle work. Now it's time to do something for them.

    Mike and I need a bunch of time to bring the 50-odd bikes stacked in our garage back to life. We also need time to fix up the trailer for the bike rodeo. We need time to design, build, and paint the obstacles for the skills course. We need time to organise events. We need lots of time!

    Since ReBicycle's inception I've spent about 10-20 hours a week, in between nappy changes, daycare pick ups, mealtimes and 'real' work. So far we've made it work. But things are getting a bit tight. Both the bank account and the garage have no more wiggle room left.

    So here's my brilliant plan:

    Mike has a few weeks off in February which he can put to good use, to help fix bikes, juggle kids while I plan events and we build obstacles...but as he's a contractor this will be unpaid. If we could raise enough money to cover our bills and the kids daycare, we could make this work. That's about $1500 a week for the 4 weeks of February.

    ReBicycle is (soon to be) a charitable trust and so far has no employees. I'm not paid for any of my time. But for the month of February, I'm asking our awesome supporters if you could help us cover our bills so we can dedicate our time to take ReBicycle to the next level?!?



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