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New Zealand Red Cross

  • Red Cross Appeal 2021

      11 March 2021

    We are a charity and we need your help. As a charity we rely on support from donations and volunteers. Help out during Red Cross Appeal by donating or by volunteering during our street collection. Every little bit helps. For more information see

    We have a responsibility to be ready for whatever is around the corner. As a mandated emergency response organisation working alongside Civil Defence, we need to be ready to help when disaster strikes, so it is our responsibility to ensure we fundraise to have the resources we need to respond. While we often fundraise once emergencies happen, being prepared and having funding and resources already in place for immediate response is critical and lifesaving.

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  • Become a virtual street collector!

      26 March 2020

    After carefully considering the risks of COVID-19 (coronavirus) on the health, safety and wellbeing of our street collectors and generous donors in the street, we made the difficult but necessary decision to not proceed with our street collection 16-22 March 2020.

    Since then, the New Zealand Government has deemed Meals on Wheels an ‘essential service’. This means we will continue the service while Aotearoa is in Alert Level 4 as a way of ensuring the people who we support continue to receive meals and have the opportunity to connect with one of our friendly volunteers during this period of national isolation.

    This community programme is still running, and will continue during this period of national lock down and long after. While we may not stand on the street to fundraise for programmes such as Meals on Wheels, we’re still collecting online.

    We invite you to join us, in the comfort of your own home. Sign up now!

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