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redzonecats needs your help to rescue reclusive homeless cats and to reunite lost cats with their owners

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redzonecats use camera surveillance and microchip sensors to find lost and homeless cats at feeding stations. We started work in the Christchurch red zone, where several thousand homes have been removed from earthquake damaged land. Many homeless cats come to feed only at night, and hide from people – even cats who have only been lost for a few weeks. This is why the cameras and microchip readers are so important.

Cats are selectively trapped starting with known lost cats, sick/injured and pregnant cats, and kittens. All unidentified cats are advertised as found either before or immediately after trapping. Unclaimed cats are rehabilitated or socialised in our home-like shelter environment, and placed in homes.

Providing advice on keeping cats safe and secure when moving house, or when adopting a rescue cat, is an important role of redzonecats. We also assist community members supporting stray cats to assess whether they are likely to be social and consequently suitable for rehoming by other cat trusts. We provide advice and assistance with trapping timid social cats, including cats who are upset by changes in their environment and have stopped coming home.

Our records from the last 5 years show that lost cats often become permanent strays because of their timid behaviour. Consequently our vision is for the redzonecats model of feeding stations with affordable camera surveillance and microchip readers to be used by other trusts and community members in areas such as new subdivisions where many cats have been lost and never found. We are currently making videos of our methods which will provide people with practical skills to help lost and homeless cats anywhere in New Zealand, including places affected by natural disasters.

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redzonecats use trail cameras and microchip readers at feeding stations to rescue lost and homeless cats that are reclusive and would not otherwise be found. redzonecats socialise cats that have been born in the wild and rehabilitate social cats who have been lost and homeless for many years.

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Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 19 Jun 2020
Hi Jane, it's a wonderful thing you are doing; Chris told me about it. Many thanks from 4 legged friends and 2 legged ones! Best wishes, K
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 16 Jun 2020
Carol on 31 Jan 2020
I heard about the great work Dr Newman is carrying out when I moved to Christchurch recently and was impressed with The Press recent article about her. There are some wonderful people doing wonderful work in society.
Dorothy on 27 Jan 2020
Hello Jane, Me again, I did send you an email a few minutes ago. I decide the 'give a little' might be the safest and simplest option for a donation. Regards, Dorothy
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 26 Jan 2020

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