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  • A little progress -      25 February 2020
    Posted by: Riverlea Theatre
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    Thanks so much for your continued support. We thought it was time for a quick update.

    We are busy fundraising for Stage 1 of the rebuild and making slow but steady progress - we now have the first step underway! A brand new disability toilet - the remaining public toilets to follow. We had to do this first for consent reasons, and its great to see the first change completed!

    We have some more events coming up - watch our Facebook page for details, or our new website at

    Thanks again for being a supporter!

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  • Cowboy Christmas now selling!     13 October 2019
    Posted by: Riverlea Theatre
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    Thanks for being a supporter of Riverlea Theatre. We are excited to let you know that we have made our first step to start the building upgrade!! - we now have a new disability bathroom where the very old box office used to be. A small step - but an essential one before we are allowed to start working on the stage and auditorium area!

    A great way to support our rebuild, is to buy tickets to our events. Coming up in November and December is our Christmas production of Cowboy Christmas. Written by local playwright Michael Switzer, this hilarious production full of well-known and loved music is ideal for end-of-year celebrations for friends, work groups, clubs and so on. Why not get together a group and join us for a yummy dinner and upbeat show? We'd love to host you.

    As with all our venue events, information and ticketing can be found on Just search Riverlea Theatre or Cowboy Christmas.

    We hope to see you soon!

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  • Hooray - and Huge Thanks     6 May 2016
    Posted by: Riverlea Theatre
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    Hopefully you have heard by now that the Council voted to sell the land to the Riverlea Theatre and Arts Centre Inc for $350 000! We have paid the deposit and the contract is now unconditional.

    Whilst this is less than the original price, we do not have surplus funds, as some funders chose to reduce their grants proportionately. But we do have enough, and your kind donations were critical to that. So thank you again, very very much!

    Now that the sale is unconditional we are busy with two things -

    1. Getting our operational budget back on track, as some funders who normally support our day-to-day activities gave us our share for the land - hence we have been running low on operating funds

    2. Preparing to have a celebration party! We'll let you know through here, facebook, twitter and our email database once the plans are laid. You are invited!

    So in the meantime, please make sure you receive our email newsletter by going to and entering your details.

    Opening on 14 May we have The Addams Family: A new musical comedy directed by Nick Wilkinson for Musikmakers (and featuring characters from the tv series and movie), and following that in July, Playbox present the hilarious comedy Bullshot Crummond. We do hope you can join us for one of these. Tickets can be booked via iticket.

    Thanks again for your wonderful support.

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  • Merry Christmas and Thanks     22 December 2015
    Posted by: Riverlea Theatre
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    Thanks for your support this year. We are delighted to be over half way to our $460 000 goal, thanks in no small part to generous donations from people like you. It's been a tough road though, with multiple grants applications completed and many fundraisers organised. We are tired but reasonably pleased with progress. We know that raising the second half of the money will be much tougher unfortunately, than the first half. We are "old news" for the media, but must keep struggling on to reach the amount needed.

    We now need to approximately double each of the types of donations and grants received so far to reach our goal. If you feel able to repeat all or part of the donation you made earlier in the year, we would be hugely appreciative. Donating through Givealittle means you are automatically issued with a tax receipt to claim 1/3 of your donation back.

    We wish you a very merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all the team at Riverlea Theatre and the resident societies, Musikmakers and Playbox. We are committed to continuing to fundraise until we can announce the good news that we have purchased the land -

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  • Nearly at the first goal!     31 May 2015
    Posted by: Riverlea Theatre
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    Our first fundraising goal is to reach $154 000 so that we are eligible to apply for some significant funds from some of the larger grants and foundations. We are very pleased to report that we have now raised just over 126 000 from a range of sources, including GiveALittle. Thank you so much for your generosity that has contributed to that. We are working hard on fundraising to reach another $28 000 as soon as possible. We have attached a photo from a recent Market Day in the carpark, one of our regular fundraising events. If you are in Hamilton, please come down and visit on the last Sunday morning of any month.

    Thanks again. We look forward to reporting soon that we have reached the $154 000!

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  • Update for 09/10/2014     9 October 2014
    Posted by: Riverlea Theatre

    A huge thanks again for your donation. We have started the journey to fundraise the $460 000 we need to stop the Council sale of the land to a commercial enterprise, and you have been a much-appreciated part of that. We are determined to continue until we succeed. Thank you so much for your support.

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