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South Coast Environment Society

  • Help us meet the demand for our projects and services

      20 February 2020

    Times have changed and all our projects and services are in high demand from Southlanders, New Zealanders, travelers and the world.

    We need to move up from a small business model with 40 paid hours and 70 voluntary hours a week which is no longer enough to do our projects justice.

    We have been achieving highly with National recognition for many years, but now we are in danger of volunteer and staff burnout as our workload has tripled in the last three years.

    We are busy applying for local and national funds for our projects but have limited success due to our small rural population base,and, even though our projects are saving biodiversity, education and heritage plants and skills, they aren't seen as a neat match with present grant requirements.

    See: for more details on what you donation can support.

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