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The South Island Kokako Charitable Trust was setup to find and protect this once thought-extinct species, Callaeas cinerea, the elusive bird

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  Canterbury Wildlife Endangered Conservation

A considerable body of scientific evidence has been gathered over the past thirty years in support of the continued existence of the South Island kokako. Yet due to the bird’s incredibly shy and secretive visual nature, coupled with its unusual nature of very rarely producing vocalizations, it has proven impossible to date to acquire unequivocal video or photographic evidence.

The trust has received over 200 observations of South Island Kokako and, where possible, investigates and validates these observations.

In 2010 the Department of Conservation was forced to revoke the 'extinct' status of the bird after the one such sighting was accepted by the NZ rare birds committee as being legitimate.

The South Island Kokako is now listed as with 'Data Deficient' - the SIKCT aims to find out more about these elusive birds and save them from extinction.

Please help us save this rare bird with its haunting organ-like unique call.

More about us

Our Trust was formed in July 2010 to complement the work of the Department of Conservation by leading a planned, coordinated and community-driven strategy to make the discoveries and research needed to bring about the recovery of the South Island Kokako.

In January 2017, we launched a campaign to encourage outdoor enthusiasts to be our ears and eyes and offered a reward for evidence that leads to confirmation that this elusive and secretive bird is still out there.

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Latest update

That's The Passion - Searching for the South Island Kokako  16 May 2016

That's The Passion - Searching for the South Island Kokako

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Latest donations

  • Loretta

    Loretta on 29 Oct 2019



    • South Island Kokako Charitable Trust

      Thank you so much for helping us in our campaign to find this precious bird!

  • Donald

    Donald on 28 Oct 2019


    Keep up the good work!


    • South Island Kokako Charitable Trust

      Thank you so much for supporting our project!

  • Guest Donor

    Guest Donor on 19 Sep 2019


    Keep up the good work! love the updates on Face Book, fascinating stuff and i'm sure it'll happen one day....great news about the North Island kokako numbers. Yay for pest eradication!


    • South Island Kokako Charitable Trust

      Thank you so much for your generous support! With your help and more and more people aware of the search and keeping eyes and ears open, and with technology developing rapidly, we're definitely getting closer! Thank you!

  • on 19 Sep 2019


    Thank you for the work and energy you put into finding this incredible bird. South Island kōkako for Bird of the Year 2019!


    • South Island Kokako Charitable Trust

      Thank you so much South Proud! And yes, let's put the South Island kokako on the map with Bird of the Year 2019 and your campaign leadership!

  • Roi

    Roi on 11 Sep 2019



    • South Island Kokako Charitable Trust

      Thank you Roi! We're going ahead with the improvements to the programme to manage playback and record from the same gadget. The programmer is also putting in some free hours, so with your and their and others' help, we're making progress - thank you so much.

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