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  • ShelterBox Engaging in Gaza - Urgent Appeal

      8 February 2024
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    Twice the population of Auckland are displaced within Gaza. Many seeking "safety" in an area the size of Takapuna - Devonport. ShelterBox is working with other humanitarian organisations including MAP (Medical Aid for Palestinians) to deploy emergency shelter and essential items to as many people in Gaza as we can support.

    Together with MAP, we are procuring items in Egypt and Türkiye. The situation is complex, but we intend that our aid will reach people in the coming weeks via the Rafah border crossing between Egypt and Gaza.

    Please consider donating to our Gaza emergency appeal Givealittle page, or creating your own fundraising campaign.

    For updates on our response in Gaza, please visit

    whakawhetai ki a koe mo to awhina. Thank you.

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      12 December 2023
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    ShelterBox will be responding in Gaza. Almost 1.9 million people - more than 85% of the population in Gaza - have been displaced since 7 October. We are developing plans to work with a partner organisation, with a presence in Gaza, to provide essential and lifesaving support to those who need it most.

    (image is from ShelterBox responding in Gaza in 2015)

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  • Aid arrives in Morocco.

      31 October 2023
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    🚚 Our team is on the ground in Morocco, delivering aid and support to 20 rural mountain communities affected by the recent earthquake. These villages are among some of the worst impacted, with thousands of homes damaged or completely destroyed.

    As winter approaches and temperatures begin to drop high in the Atlas Mountains, this delivery of this aid is crucial in helping families survive.

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  • ShelterBox is working to set up a response in Libya

      19 September 2023
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    The flooding in eastern Libya has been sudden and devastating. The waters from Storm Daniel have washed away homes in many eastern towns, leaving behind a trail of destruction. More than 30,000 people are displaced, and 20,000 are feared to have died with thousands of people still missing.

    We are currently having conversations with organisations who already have a presence in the country to determine how we able to provide support to the people who need it most.

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  • Morocco Earthquake

      10 September 2023
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    ShelterBox’s emergency team is closely monitoring the events in Morocco following the powerful 6.8 magnitude earthquake, which struck late on Friday night, just 43 miles south of Marrakesh. It’s the strongest earthquake to be recorded in the region and was felt as far away as Portugal and Algeria.

    The earthquake hit just after 11pm local time, under the cover of darkness, when many people would have been at home asleep. People spent the night out on the streets, fearful of more aftershocks, either unable or not wanting to, return home. Over 1,000 people are known to have lost their lives, and the death toll is expected to rise as rescue operations continue.

    We’re gathering information from all possible sources to see how significant the need for emergency shelter is and if we are well-placed to help. Initial reports suggest buildings have been badly damaged or collapsed, primarily outside cities and towns. With large distances between mountain villages and access routes blocked with rubble and cars, it will take time to fully understand the extent of the damage and shelter needs.

    ShelterBox has experience responding to earthquakes before, most recently the devastating earthquakes in Türkiye and Syria.

    Stay up to date on this unfolding situation by visiting

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  • Escalating Conflict in Sudan

      26 May 2023
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    As violence continues to escalate in Sudan, ShelterBox is exploring whether and emergency response in neighbouring Chad is possible to support the growing influx of refugees.

    The humanitarian need was already significant before this conflict started, and with that need rising every day, we will be sending a ShetlerBox response team to Chad to see if and how we can best help.

    The situation is critical, with close to a million people either displaced or fleeing Sudan to neighbouring countries – including Chad. The shelter need is growing all the time. We will be considering what a response in Chad might look like.

    90% of new arrivals into Chad are women and children and only 2% of them currently have access to shelter and will be needing other basic items like water carriers, mosquito nets, and soap.

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  • We're Gearing Up our Response in Türkiye and Syria

      7 March 2023

    We have good news to report. We’ve developed relationships across both Türkiye and Syria with multiple in-country partners, and we’re deploying additional ShelterBox Response Team members to affected areas. Our goal is get more aid more quickly to the people who are in desperate need.

    In addition to our first stock of tents imported into Türkiye soon after the earthquakes, more tents and other essential items like blankets, mattresses, stoves, and lighting are almost ready for distribution. Many of these will be purchased from our supplier and manufacturer in Türkiye who has been providing equipment for our 10-year response to the war in Syria. Purchasing locally helps restore the local economy and means that our donors’ dollars go further.

    We’re working with our Rotary partners to prepare for distribution of these items. Together, we’ve visited potential distribution sites and continue to work closely with local communities and officials to ensure that preparations are in place, such as the required key services to go alongside the shelter provision.

    This is a hugely complex humanitarian response spanning two countries. Getting aid into Türkiye and Syria is complicated and time-consuming. But we’re used to working in challenging environments and are dedicated to serving the people who are most in need. Our vision is no one without shelter after disaster.

    Thank you again for your generous support.

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  • ShelterBox aid has arrived in Türkiye and Syria!

      22 February 2023

    The first truck carrying thermal blankets has crossed the border into Syria and is now with our local partner منظمة بهار Bahar Organization. We're expecting more trucks to arrive in northern Syria in the coming days and weeks, which will contain more vital supplies.

    We are also working with our partner ReliefAid to get winter coats to children affected by the earthquakes. Night-time temperatures are continuing to dip freezing, and these items will be crucial in protecting children from icy conditions.

    We know none of this would have been possible without the overwhelming generosity of our supporters. We are incredibly grateful to each and every person for the support shown over the last week.

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  • Earthquakes in Turkey & Syria - Shelterbox Responding

      8 February 2023
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    ShelterBox is responding after a series of powerful earthquakes devastated southern Turkey (Türkiye) and northern Syria. We’re sending an emergency response team to carry out crucial assessments and establish how we can best help.

    The humanitarian need in Turkey (Türkiye) and Syria is immense and growing – it's the most devastating earthquake to hit the region in 100 years and could become the worst. The death toll is likely to rise significantly, and thousands of buildings have been destroyed in both countries leaving people homeless, with nowhere to sleep, in the middle of a bitter winter.

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  • Ukraine Update: Winter

      5 December 2022
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    The first snow has fallen in Ukraine and winter is rapidly approaching.

    Over the coming months, our focus will be on supporting people in Ukraine to prepare for the winter months ahead. Our aim is to support 2, 000 households with emergency repair kits (including tarpaulins, batons and fixings to seal doors and windows), as well as winter jackets, hats, gloves, blankets, and solar lights.

    This aid has arrived in our warehouse in Kyiv, and we will be prioritising rural and suburban communities where people are still living in damaged houses.

    To date, we have also:

    - Distributed 12, 000 mattresses to people living in collective centres in Lviv, Ukraine, alongside People in Need

    - Provided thousands of ShelterKits to help people in Ukraine survive in damaged buildings, alongside ReliefAid

    - Provided 4, 000 refugees in Moldova with high priority items like toothpaste, soap, sanitary products and cash assistance

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  • ShelterBox Deploying to Pakistan

      31 August 2022
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    ShelterBox is deploying an emergency response team to Pakistan.

    Pakistan has been overwhelmed by severe monsoon rains and flooding. Powerful flash floods have ripped through parts of the country, sweeping away people’s homes. So far, 33 million people have been affected, thousands have evacuated their homes, and more than 1,100 people have lost their lives.

    More updates to come. See here for more info -

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  • Sunday Joy

      14 August 2022
    Main image

    Here's a picture from our latest round of aid distributions in Ukraine to brighten up your Sunday ☀️ These aid packages include tarpaulins, rope, water carriers, blankets and solar lamps.

    Thank you to our trusted partner ReliefAid for making these distributions happen💚

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  • Aid Distributions in Ukraine - Marya

      18 July 2022
    Main image

    Meet Marya, pictured here outside her home in Ukraine.

    She recently collected our ShelterKits, containing tools, rope, thermal blankets, solar lights, water carriers, and hygiene kits including items like soap, washing powder and toothpaste.

    These items will help Marya as she rebuilds and recovers. This is your impact in action ... thank you!

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  • Olga and Dina - Aid Recipients in Ukraine

      18 July 2022
    Main image

    For 40 years, Ukrainians Olga and Dina have been neighbours.

    But, on March 4th, they were forced to leave their homes. "It was the most terrible night. We were in the basement. The building was shaking terribly. When we came out from there, the house was without windows, nothing was left", they told Mike from our partner, Relief Aid.

    On March 9th, they returned to their homes - where they found all power, gas, water, and heating had been lost.

    Despite this, home is home - and this is where Olga and Dina want to be.

    Thankfully, our ShelterKits have been helping the pair make their homes habitable.

    They've been using the tools and tarpaulins to cover their windows and stop the cold, while the thermal blankets have provided extra layers of warmth.

    As they talked, Dina's eyes shone in the light of their solar lights - a symbol of hope for brighter days.

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  • Nigeria - Aid Distribution Update

      18 July 2022
    Main image

    Across Nigeria’s northern region, many families are living in constant fear of horrific attacks led by armed groups. The ongoing threat of violence has resulted in thousands of people fleeing their homes in search of safety. In addition, a severe rainy season has damaged thousands of shelters, further complicating an already vulnerable situation.

    We have been working with ACTED to distribute essential items like mats, water carriers, blankets, and kitchen sets to Nigerian families.

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  • Bangladesh Flooding - Assessment Team Deployed

      18 July 2022
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    Heavy monsoon rains and flash floods have submerged large parts of northeastern Bangladesh, leaving more than 9 million people homeless. This is some of the worst flooding the region has ever experienced.

    ShelterBox has responded to flooding in Bangladesh before, and we are sending an assessment team to determine if we are again able to support the people impacted by the devastation.

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  • Your Support in Action

      12 May 2022
    Main image

    "We are very grateful for the ShelterKits, we will use it for the remains of what was left of our house, the house was destroyed almost completely, I plan to rebuild my house in the future. I have a wife and three children who left when the war started"

    – Igor, recipient of ShelterBox aid, Kyiv

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  • Our Aid Is Arriving In Ukraine

      1 April 2022
    Main image

    Our first shipment of blankets has now arrived in Lviv, Ukraine.

    With the support of our valued partner, People in Need, we will begin distributing these blankets to people sheltering in collective centers (such as schools and churches), this week. With temperatures dropping below zero at night, these will help families stay warm and sleep well.

    This is all thanks to YOU - our generous supporters 💚 Thank you.

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  • Ukraine Crisis: An Interactive Q&A

      28 March 2022
    Main image

    ShelterBox NZ is pleased to invite you to attend an interactive virtual Q&A exploring the crisis in Ukraine.

    This is your chance to learn more about what's happening in Ukraine, and ShelterBox's response efforts.

    Happening from 7-8pm on March 31st, you'll be able to hear from:

    - Alex Orme, Head of International Giving for ShelterBox, who has been on the ground at Przemysl train station in neighbouring Poland, assessing humanitarian needs

    - Dr Claire Achmad, ShelterBox New Zealand Board Chair and Human Rights Advocate

    Register to attend today -

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  • Our Aid is Officially On the Way

      18 March 2022
    Main image

    Ukraine update: Our aid is officially on its way to Ukraine!

    We are working on three projects – two within Ukraine, and one to support Ukrainian refugees fleeing to neighbouring countries, including Moldova.

    These are the items that we will be deploying:

    🔴We are sending mattresses to collective centers like schools, churches, and sports centers in western Ukraine. This will offer people who have fled their homes somewhere to sleep and keep warm at night.

    🔴We are also preparing to provide Shelter Kits with tools and rope, high thermal blankets, hygiene kits including items like soap, washing powder and toothpaste, solar lights, buckets, and water carriers to help people survive in buildings damaged by the conflict.

    🔴We will be supporting refugees in neighbouring countries with high-priority, portable items, like hygiene items and warm winter coats.

    Keep in mind that we are always adjusting our aid packages to meet the changing needs of each response.

    We'd like to thank everyone that has supported this response so far. Your generosity and compassion inspire us every day.

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  • ShelterBox is Responding in Ukraine

      16 March 2022
    Main image

    In a matter of weeks, Ukraine has become the fastest-growing refugee crisis in Europe since World War II.

    Already, 3 million people have fled the country - a number that is expected to rise as high as 10 million.

    ShelterBox is ready and committed to supporting people in need. As an international disaster relief charity, we exist to provide families who have lost everything with emergency shelter and essential aid.

    We currently have a team in Poland, who are assessing humanitarian needs on the ground and meeting with other international aid organisations, to best determine how we can support vulnerable families.

    Once these assessments are complete, aid that is currently stored in Europe will start to be distributed.

    That aid will likely include hygiene packages, thermal blankets, solar lights, coats, mattresses, ShelterKits containing tarps and tools to repair damaged homes, and more.

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  • ShelterBox - Coronavirus Update

      25 June 2020

    At ShelterBox, we’re adapting how we work as coronavirus creates a whole new level of risk for vulnerable families who have lost their homes.

    The potential impact of the pandemic in places where we’re already working – like crowded camps and makeshift settlements in Syria, Ethiopia and Burkina Faso – is terrifying.

    These are places more cramped than the Diamond Princess cruise ship, where the virus spread four times faster than it did in Wuhan.

    These are places where many people are already vulnerable because of underlying health issues and a lack of food. Where health care facilities are either non-existent or struggle to cope with demand at the best of times.

    These are places where the impact of coronavirus could be more devastating than anything we have seen so far.

    In the face of this coronavirus crisis, shelter means more than ever.

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  • EMERGENCY: Deadly Earthquake and Tsunami in Indonesia

      4 October 2018
    Main image

    On Friday 28 September, the people of Sulawesi looked on in horror as giant waves crashed onto their shores.

    First the island was hit by a 7.5 magnitude earthquake. Then a tsunami tore through the region, flattening everything in its path and turning thousands of homes to rubble.

    Families have been left devastated as they struggle with the catastrophic aftermath. Thousands are still searching for lost family members, whilst also enduring landslides and power outages.

    The disaster has caused the displacement of around 42,000 people and the death of 1,200, and these numbers are expected to rise.

    We’re sending a response team to understand how we can help Sulawesi families who have lost everything. But our resources are limited after an unprecedented stream of disasters this year.

    Right now, our teams are stretched across the globe, responding to natural disasters in the Philippines and Kenya, as well as operating in Syria, Iraq, the Lake Chad Basin and Somalia.

    We rely on our incredible supporters to fund our vital work providing shelter in times of disaster. We’re impatient to respond – wherever we’re needed in the world – but we need your help.

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  • Philippines - Typhoon Mangkhut

      17 September 2018
    Main image

    Also known as Ompong in the Philippines, Typhoon Mangkhut has ripped through the Philippines' main island of Luzon. Its high winds and torrential rains have damaged almost all buildings in the city of Tuguegarao.

    Thousands of people have been evacuated amid warnings of 6m (20ft) storm surges, including those who have been displaced several times due to the monsoon rains last July and August.

    The Philippines is one of the world’s worst disaster-affected countries. We have responded there 24 times in 13 years - more frequently than any other country.

    In December 2017, Tropical Storms also brought devastation to the Philippines, triggering destructive mudslides and flooding.

    Our teams are currently on their way to help families at risk of losing everything. We're already speaking with our Rotary contacts in the area to understand how we can help as quickly as possible.

    You can help send the aid families need. Weatherproof family tents and shelter, practical tools to rebuild homes, solar lights to combat power cuts and mosquito nets to prevent deadly diseases. Help us save lives by donating now.

    ShelterBox an international disaster relief agency specialising in emergency shelter for families displaced by conflict and natural disasters, is making arrangements to bring in aid. This includes portable solar lighting, which has helped reduce gender-based violence in refugee camps worldwide.

    Please visit our website at: to learn more about our work in Disaster Relief.

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