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SPCA New Zealand

  • Now more than ever, vulnerable animals need your support during COVID-19.

      9 April 2020

    As an Essential Service, SPCA's work will continue during the rest of the lockdown and beyond. We must do all we can to ensure animals do not suffer because of COVID-19. SPCA Inspectors are still protecting animals on the frontline and trying to find ways to safely work and respond to emergency and urgent animal welfare complaints. Our vets are still needed to tend to sick and injured at our centres. Our animal teams must be there to feed, clean, and care for the animals.

    COVID-19 has already had a devastating impact on our fundraising. Our best forecasts at this point show that SPCA is looking at a loss of income during the lockdown of $1,000,000. With only a small amount of government funding, this loss of revenue is detrimental to the SPCA to be able to continue to provide our life saving services.

    Even in this deeply uncertain time, one thing will not change. The animals need us – and we will be there for them today, tomorrow and beyond COVID-19.

    If you can help, please do so by donating to protect New Zealand's animals who need us now more than ever. Together, we can do it.

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