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St Andrew's has served the Motueka community for almost 100 years and now we need to bring the building up to national building standards.

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St Andrew's is a highly valued iconic building in Motueka with a Category 2 Heritiage NZ listing. We think it is worth saving and many in the community have agreed as they have family links to the church from Sunday School days to weddings, funerals and other activities such as concerts due to the excellent accoustics. The full restoration will cost around $626,000 and while we have some funds we dont have enough to finish the work fully, including the hall. We want to restore the church to a warm and welcoming place of worship and also make the hall warmer and both better able to withstand an earthquake. We hope you can help.

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St Andrew's Uniting Church is an iconic building that was built almost 100 years ago. Our Great grandparents and grandparents sacrificed comfort and wealth to provide our community with a place to find peace and rest from the turmoil and toil of the pioneering life that was the lot of early New Zealanders. They built St. Andrews Church of Motueka, faithfully worshipping there and finding spiritual strength to carry on.

Such strength is still found within St. Andrews, as can and will be confirmed by the many members, and local and national government have decided that the structural strength of the building must be upgraded to comply with current building regulations to protect against possible earthquake injuries.

Our forebears started financing the building in 1915 and completed payment in 1965. Since commencement this Church has been the heartbeat of much of Motueka community providing education, sustenance, care for the poor, economy and industry, all integrated within the broader canopy of a community worshipping life.

We now need to earthquake strengthen the building to 65% of the National Building Standards to ensure it will last another 100 years.

Over time the church has been used by many non church community groups as the building has excellent accoustics. It has been part of many families lives for worship, weddings, funerals and other events such as concerts and displays.

Will you help us to undertake the necessary strengthening work in order that this beautiful building is fully operational once again?

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Work is underway  20 March 2015

Posted by: Motueka Uniting Church

The earthquake strengthening work has commenced and there is a lot of scaffolding around the church. When the builders removed some of the roofing iron they discovered that the wood around the top of the concrete walls was rotten and needed to be replaced. There will now be a concrete band right around the walls and the roof will be anchored through this into the concrete wall below. They said they have seen very little active borer which is good.

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