Taumarunui Youth and Community Trust

Taumarunui Youth and Community Trust

We have a clear focus on building structured systems by providing communal resources through collaborative funding for Taumarunui.


Community is our priority. Belonging is a basic human need and each of us participate in and belong to a number of communities each and every day. A young person may be part of a secondary school, sport, work, wider family and geographical community each day, however, they may interact differently within each of these communities.

At Taumarunui Youth and Community Trust (TYCT) our goal is to build on the sense of belonging by strengthening, maintaining and creating vehicles for valuable interactions not only for young people but all our community members.

We can all make positive contributions to our community and the benefits of these contributions for Taumarunui are a focus for TYCT. TYCT is a charitable trust created in 2016 as a platform to nurture other groups, and their members, that may benefit from belonging to a supportive network with TYCT as the umbrella organisation.

Benefits for our community and its members that TYCT aim to create and support are:


- Providing a professional umbrella support organisation for affiliated groups

- Community sustainability

- Encouragement and growth of multi-level partnerships and collaborations; locally regionally

and nationally

- Increased marketing of events and activities

- Communal resources available


- Sense of belonging and community

- Positive contribution to community

- A belief in and an enjoyment of life-long learning

- Courage, self-discipline and motivation

- Building teamwork and leadership abilities

- Belief in their own potential and the resilience to achieve it

- Empathy towards others

- An appreciation of diversity

The Trust has been able to support groups to re-energise their membership and many have flourished with the support and partnership of the Trust. Participation has increased from both members and volunteers in a number of groups affiliated with the Trust. We currently provide support to:

-Taumarunui Silverback Boxing Academy Taumarunui Silverback Netball Club

- Taumarunui Amateur Athletics Club Taumarunui Community Basketball

- Taumarunui Darts Taumarunui Cricket Club

- Disc Golf Taumarunui Interschool Activities

- Pick-a-Pair Kundalni Yoga

- Twilight Sports Zuu Fitness

Being a very rural community can be seen by many to be a negative. However, it is clear we have so many great positives in our community to be grateful for and embrace and TYCT work hard to discover, highlight and build on these positives with and for our community.

Funds raised will help to go towards the ongoing operations, we foresee that TYCT has the ability to continue to entertain, inspire and galvanise our community.

More about us

The Taumarunui Youth and Community Trust (TYCT) is a charitable Trust which was formed in 2016 to umbrella and assist numerous sporting, recreational and cultural activities in the Taumarunui community.

Dwindling participant and volunteer numbers is affecting all sports and activities in Taumarunui. TYCT structures will endeavour to boost volunteer and participant numbers, working towards a more sustainable future.

Working together to improve community connectedness TYCT will enable a more collective approach to

core functioning’s and co-ordination of community groups in Taumarunui.

The Trust aims to actively promote sport, recreation, leisure and activity opportunities to the people of Taumarunui through the provision of a well managed, quality community centre. TYCT has the aspiration to promote partnerships to increase participation.

The Trust aims to allow each affiliated code to lift their profile in the community and in turn attract young people to the sport as well as community activities. The skills and interaction that young people have while participating in activities and sports will promote and develop a healthy and happy Taumarunui community.

We want to be the lead provider for the development of sport, recreation and cultural activities. We have a clear focus on building structured systems and providing communal resources through collaborative funding for everyone in Taumarunui.

The purpose of TYCT is to support the educational, social and physical development of the Taumarunui youth and other community members; in particular the TYCT will:

 foster and encourage participation in sport, recreation and cultural activities enabling

youth and other community members to improve self-esteem and behaviour.

 provide equipment, facilities and other appropriate resources to Taumarunui youth and

other community members.

 provide other support and assistance consistent with this charitable purpose.

 to provide support and funding for programmes that provides educational, social and

physical development to members of the Taumarunui community.

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