Techvana, The New Zealand Computer Museum

Techvana, The New Zealand Computer Museum

Techvana Mobile Experience and Exhibition


We are planning a mobile Techvana Experience and Exhibition that can be transported easily between locations such as schools. This will provide a 60 to 120-minute educational experience that will engage the participant in an interactive exploration of how the technologies we have today evolved, and where these are heading in the future.

It will utilise a mobile application that will enable the participant to learn both before and after the experience and receive ongoing content that will continue this journey. The teachers will receive access to curriculum linked and age targeted materials for their students and will be able to utilise the mobile application to monitor and interact with their individual and class experiences.

Budget for Techvana Mobile Experience and Exhibition

This experience will cost approximately $100,000 to design and build. Once completed it will be a revenue generator for the Museum and self-sustaining within 3 months.

More about us

The Techvana Charitable Trust was established to build a Computer Museum for New Zealand that will preserve the amazing technologies and Kiwi stories that helped birth our modern digital age.

Techvana uses these historical technology artefacts to illustrate the evolution of technology from World War II, and the invention of programmable digital computers, to the devices that people use every day. We then project today's technologies into the future and provide a glimpse of the wonders to come.

Preserving the past, Pioneering the Future

Detailed Objectives…

Historical Preservation

• Collect and restore historical computer, gaming, telecommunications and robotics technology artefacts and display them for the public.

• Capture Kiwi technology stories and preserve them for future generations.

• Use the collected artefacts, interviews and media to create informative exhibitions, documentaries and events for the community.


• Run education programmes and provide learning spaces for schools, universities, technical institutes and other IT non-profit organisations such as The New Zealand Game Developers Association, AucklandICT, Institute of IT Professionals and InternetNZ

• Organize, conduct, and host hands-on technology-related workshops for students and professionals

• Use the historical technology to contextualize current and future technologies

• Build a mobile Techvana experience / exhibition to take to schools


• Serve as an accessible social space for IT students, professionals, enthusiasts and technology organizations.

• Provide unique spaces for technology companies to use for their product launches, presentations and meetings.

• Operate a dedicated esports venue showcasing the latest games and technologies.

• Enable the community to participate in the ownership and governance of the museum.

• Protect and display Heritage assets for the community.

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Latest update

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Techvana Expansion, Move and Naming Sponsorship change  4 May 2016

Techvana is entering its next phase of growth that will allow it to cater for bigger events and more exhibition space. It is also leaving its Federal Street premises, the timing of which has been triggered by the conclusion of the Ntec naming sponsorship.

"Ntec has been the best Naming Sponsor we could have hoped for in our first year of operation and we are proud of our achievements at Ntec. Their sponsorship has helped us build a strong foundation for the future," said Techvana CEO Mark Barlow. "Ntec will always remain part of the Techvana family and we look forward to working with them in the future."

The year-long sponsorship included naming rights and the museum’s use of an entire floor in Ntec’s central Auckland campus.

"Both Techvana and Ntec are growing rapidly, and it was not feasible for us to continue the relationship for a further year." said Mark.

"We have been pleased to have Techvana on site for a year" says Dr. Sam Malafeh, CEO of Ntec Tertiary Group. "I understand the pressures of growth and unfortunately we couldn't offer Techvana more space to grow into, as our own growth is also skyrocketing. We look forward to continue our working relationship with Techvana," said Dr Malafeh.

"Our plan is to relocate Techvana into larger premises that will enable us to expand the Museum's range of activities and provide more space for our education programmes and workshops." said Mark. "We are speaking with private landlords, the Auckland City Council, Motat, schools and even shopping malls about options." he adds.

"Our gaming events have been very successful this year and as a result we are keen to find a venue that can accommodate a permanent eSports venue with weekly sponsored competitions and regular leagues." said Mark. "We would also like to expand our activities with robots and drones in the coming year."

Techvana is also developing mobile classroom's to take their collection and education programmes directly to schools.

"We have had a number of schools visit in the last 6 months, but the cost of busing students a class at a time into the city restricts the number of students who can come, so we are looking to take an interactive Techvana experience directly to them instead" said Mark. "They will be designed around a modified 40' shipping container that will be moved to a different school each week of the school year."

"We are planning to launch with two in Auckland and then add additional ones for the other regions as well."

Techvana has also been busy collecting historical IT artefacts from all over New Zealand. "Recently we received several incredible donations including the 1st computer used in the meat industry globally, a DEC PDP11. This was recovered from a farm shed in the Hawkes Bay where it has been sitting for 20 years since the closure of the Tomoana Meat Works."

"Our rapidly growing collection is world class and has examples from every era of computing including parts used in the Colossus code breaking computer that helped bring WW2 to a close, and now Techvana is bursting out at the seams" said Mark.

"To take Techvana to the next level we need more funding, space and a new naming sponsor to help us." adds Mark.


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