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The Rising Foundation Trust

  • People of TRF

      26 June 2020
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    We would like to introduce you to our Social Media campaign 'People of TRF'. We have never been good at blowing our own trumpet, so we thought we would ask the people we work with to do it for us. Over the next 6 months we will introduce you to a variety of people who have seen the benefits of the work we do. Feel free to follow us on our social media platforms and check out our givealittle gallery to see what these guys said about us. Thank you for your on going support for our programme.

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  • Sharing the love!

      2 June 2020
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    Thank you for your support for our work. Your giving helps us to give more to our students and their families.

    Lockdown has hit some of our whanau pretty hard. Parents have lost work or have had their wages reduced and of course this has an impact on the wellbeing and sense of security our students feel.

    We are there to support them and with the help of our friends at KiwiHarvest we have been able to increase our practical support during these uncertain days.

    Here's a video of us sorting a rescued food delivery into family food packages. The surprise and gratitude on their faces always makes our day!

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  • Back To School

      21 May 2020
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    A huge thank you from our team to everyone who has been donating, please remember to share our page to your social media sites and support us to keep serving New Zealand's wonderful young people.

    The team are excited to get back to their schools and encourage our students to overcome their difficulties and embrace a better future!

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