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The Aunties

  • A huge thanks     22 May 2019
    Posted by: The Aunties
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    I just wanted to personally thank all of you for keeping this ship afloat.

    On Monday, I recieved a Queens Service Medal, which was a huge honour, but really a symbol of the work you continue to support me to do.

    Whether it's food shopping, new glasses for an older woman or teen girl, heaters, blankets, bedding, outings, our regular payment to Te Whãnau Rangimarie....the list is endless of things and experiences that you continue to enable me to give to people who are really having a tough time of it.

    And that's what the honour means to me.

    I am just the face of this large army of very generous and loving human beings, and I thank you for allowing me to represent you, and carry your hearts into the lives of (mostly) women who are healing from, or in the midst of, family violence. Bless you.

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