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Totara Park Riding for the Disabled

  • Our latest lockdown

      8 September 2021
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    Our RDA work tirelessly to provide life changing horse riding for the disabled in our community. Lock Down means no riding and unfortunately our costs don't go down, far from it. Your support is appreciated at any time. Later this month we will be launching a specific fundraising page targeting support for our riders. Our riders benefit in so many ways - They learn to move, connect, adapt and succeed. This leads to a stronger sense of confidence that translates from the arena into homes, schools and their communities. Riding helps with communication and confidence. RDA is New Zealand's only accredited horse-riding therapy programme. Pictured is one of our riders completing the NZRDA Introductory to Dressage test , a wonderful achievement to complete.

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  • Merry Christmas. A big thank you for choosing to donate to TPRDA..

      21 December 2020
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    What a year we have had managing our horses and expenses along with lockdowns and Covid -19. We have come through strongly and continue to offer therapy riding to over 55 riders per week during the school terms. A riding session is greatly subsidised so we rely on grants, donations and fundraising to bridge the actual cost for every rider. It is through the support and generosity of individuals such as yourself that we are able to continue to strengthen our programs and reach more disabled people in our community.

    Thank you again for your past donation & choosing to support Totara Park Riding for the Disabled. From all our team we wish you a very happy Christmas and New Year.

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  • Celebrating Riding Again

      29 July 2020
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    We are pleased to welcome back our riders at the start of Term 3. Smiles all round as seen on the face of our Monday rider Sophie.


    Sophie has a type of Cerebral Palsy called Diplegia which changes the way her whole body works, but mainly affects her legs. RDA is a great physical therapy for Sophie. It gives her muscles a good workout. Horse riding alone works lots of muscles in her body but the array of activities set out by the volunteers each week helps to work other muscles too. One of Sophie’s hardest challenges is when she kneels backwards on the horse’s back and raises an arm up horizontally while staying balanced. RDA doesn’t just help her physically. Sophie has the undivided attention of friendly adults for an hour. RDA is a space when all aspects, she is set up to succeed. This is lovely for a little girl who lives in a society where the physical environment and attitudes are often more limiting than her disability. One of Sophie’s favourite parts of RDA comes at the end of her session when she gets to brush her ponies coat, gently pat her and thank her for taking good care of her.

    Sophie is usually tired at the end of her ride but she is always brighter and very smiley! Our family is so grateful to everyone at TPRDA who donates their precious time and money so Sophie and the other riders can reap the enormous benefits of

    riding the horses and spending time with the very generous volunteers. Catherine (Sophie’s mother)

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  • Horses in Lockdown but well looked after!

      7 April 2020
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    As donors to Totara Park Riding for the Disabled we want to let you know that in this increasingly uncertain time one thing has remained the same, that is the care of our nine horses. Our horse manager 'Fiona' is checking and looking after the welfare of our horses everyday. Pictured are Dancer, Hershey and Tobi with Zoe peeking in from the back. Rest assured our herd are being lovingly attended to every day. Thank you

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