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• Investing in projects that improve education & healthcare for the disadvantaged, through innovation & technology.

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TALKINGTECH Foundation believes in everyone getting a ‘fair go’, and especially people and communities facing the biggest hurdles. The Foundation provides grants designed to assist non-profit organizations that are working to create access, resources, and opportunities in areas of health, education, and basic human services to low-income communities. We support projects that help communities facing disadvantage due to income level, location, race, gender, disability, and age.

TALKINGTECH Foundation believes that the principle and practice of generosity is good for individuals, communities, and businesses. The Foundation enables TALKINGTECH Limited, and its staff, to practice giving back to the community that has enabled us to become successful; to give away to a global world that faces greater needs and challenges; and to give forward to social entrepreneurs who are exploring ways of making a difference. We acknowledge that “front line” agents of change are facing sacrifices, risks, and challenges that we are unable to. The power of ‘open-handed living’ is that generosity on our part can initiate transformation in the lives of others. TTF aims to demonstrate how small business generosity can make a big difference in NZ and overseas.

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We believe it is important to put people first. We want to engage with the community to identify and tackle issues faced by those needing a helping hand.

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