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Voices of Hope


      14 May 2024
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    VoH team here, popping in to say a big THANK YOU to each and everyone of you who has donated. We are continuously humbled by the number of people who support our work and who want to make positive change to mental health in Aotearoa.

    To all those who have done fundraisers to bring your own communities to the conversation, we thank you for being loud about mental health and for choosing Voices of Hope as your chosen charity.

    Thank you all for being part of this. We couldn't do it without you.

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    • 15/05/2024 by Holz

      I may be in constant emotional pain but at least I can help someone else 💔 I love you Jazz ❤️

  • In Memory of Adrian Burr

      14 December 2020
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    Last Wednesday the world lost a very special man. Adrian Burr was one of the most kind, generous and passionate men we have had the pleasure of knowing. After becoming an executive producer for 'The Girl on the Bridge Film' he decided he wanted to do more because he believed in the work we do at Voices of Hope. From the first meeting we had with him, we knew he was very special. He listened, he asked questions and he cared. He saw the impact Voices of Hope had made and believed that we could be doing more, so he came on board. Without Adrian, we wouldn’t have had our office space and many of the things that have happened this year, the content and impact you have all seen would not have been possible. We are really sad about this but will continue to make him proud. Adrian, we will miss our coffee and sandwich dates, our chats, and being able to share with you the lives that have been saved. Rest in love ❤️

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