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Warming Hearts NZ Trust

We create bundles of pure warmth for babies in need within our community. These are delivered directly to babies by community midwives.


Every donation made goes towards providing warmth and safe, warm beds to babies in need. 100% of donations are used to purchase new moses baskets or to purchase wool for the volunteers who knit for us. Knitting brings so much purpose and joy to people in our community who have the time and skill, but lack the funds to buy merino wool. Your donations help us to bridge that gap!

Read on to find out more about our cause and how you can warm the hearts of strangers.

In the first few months of babies’ lives, it's crucial that they are being kept nice and warm. This helps them fight off sicknesses and gives them a fighting chance at starting life in a healthy way.

Sadly, many babies are being born into environments that are very cold - substandard housing with no insulation or heating, additionally sometimes parents just don’t have the funds to dress their babies for warmth or heat their homes.

Warming Hearts came about to fill that gap and ensure babies have access to the necessary bedding and clothing to provide the very best protection against the cold, keeping babies hearts warm and giving them a fighting chance to stay healthy.

Our bundles of warmth goodness are made up of pre-loved and new knitwear and blankets, as well as other essentials such as swaddle blankets and cotton and merino clothing for layering.

Merino, wool and cotton are our focus as these are most warming and gentle on babies' delicate skin. These fibres help to regulate babies body temperatures, keeping them nice and warm.

How does it work?

We collect newborn knitwear and blankets (both new and pre-loved). Items are donated by people in our community to our various drop off points or to our warehouse in Albany (Auckland, NZ).

For those who love knitting but find the cost of wool prohibitive - we can provide knitting packs. The donations through Givealittle are used to purchase machine washable merino wool, which we then send to those who want to knit.

Knitwear is then combined with a few newborn basics and packed into a cotton drawstring bag - ready for midwives and social workers to hand to those in need.

So many babies need our help and we are finding it difficult to keep up with demand. You can help us by donating, every cent raised here will be used to help deliver warmth to the babies in need! We are completely volunteer operated, so rest assured your donation goes directly to providing warmth for babies, not gobbled up in overheads!.

How else can you help?

If you have any baby items you no longer need which are newborn - cotton, wool or merino in good condition, please contact us and we can advise you of where your local drop off point is.

Visit our website to see items we collect: https://www.warminghearts.co.nz/bundle-list

Or do you know a kindy/daycare that would be happy to do a collection? Get in contact and we will tell you how it works.

We create bundles of warmth for babies in need within our community. We focus on providing pre-loved and new clothing and bedding, made of natural fibres to assist newborns in regulating their temperature. Warmer babies lead to a healthier baby in their first few crucial months of life.

These little bundles make a big impact for new babies and mums, please help us to keep their little hearts warm.


More about us

We create bundles of warmth for babies in need within our community. We focus on providing bundles filled with pre-loved and new clothing and bedding, focusing on natural fibers to assist newborns in regulating their temperature. Warmer babies lead to a healthier baby in their first few months of life.

These little bundles make a big impact!

Use of funds

All funds raised are used to drive awareness of Warming Hearts through Google & Facebook advertising, brochures and posters to help to increase collection points and clothing and bedding donations.

We sometimes will use funds to purchase clothing, blankets and wool to top up current collections to enable us to meet the high demands.

Funds also assist with occasional logistics overheads when required.

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