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Help Wellington Rabbit Rescue raise funds for their vet bill so they can continue to desex and vaccinate rabbits and find them forever homes

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Wellington Rabbit Rescue is constantly overflowing with beautiful domestic rabbits needing to find their forever homes.

Every rabbit that comes into our care is treated by our rabbit savvy vet team at Pet Doctors Kelburn and then desexed and vaccinated.

Rabbits are classed as "exotic" and are much more costly than a cat or dog when it comes to vet treatment.

We are entirely not-for-profit and we all work hard and put as much of our own money into the organisation as possible... but because we never get a break between bunnies due to our permanent waitlist, it's difficult to get on top of vet bills!

The funds will go directly onto our vet bill.


More about us

Wellington Rabbit Rescue is a not for profit group that takes on abused, neglected, sick, injured, abandoned, and unwanted rabbits.

While they are in our care they receive any veterinary treatment they may require. They are housed in large enclosures so they can exhibit natural rabbit behaviour & they are fed a high quality diet.

Once the rabbits are healthy and ready for adoption they are desexed & vaccinated. If any of the rabbits in our care are too young to be desexed they are sent home with a desex agreement which we follow up once the rabbit is old enough.

We inspect any potential homes. We require the rabbits to be housed in a large area. They need to be able to run and jump. We also encourage new owners to include enrichment toys. Our minimum standard is an area 2 metres long, 1 metre wide, 1 metre high as well as a warm dry house at least 61x61cm.

We do not send rabbits home on their own as they are social creatures. If the potential new family has an existing rabbit then we help mix/bond before the adoption can be processed.

Any rabbits that cannot be rehomed will remain in our care. We only resort to euthanasia in extreme cases such as very ill or severely injured rabbits. In this case we will have them humanely euthanized by our vet to prevent further suffering.

Use of funds

Funds will go directly onto our vet bill to pay for desexing, vaccinating and any further vet care for rabbits taken in by WRR.

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