Wellington Rabbit Rescue

Wellington Rabbit Rescue

Help Wellington Rabbit Rescue raise funds so we can desex and vaccinate domestic rabbits and find them loving forever homes.


Wellington Rabbit Rescue (WRR) is a registered not for profit charity that takes on abused, neglected, sick, injured, abandoned, and unwanted domestic rabbits.

Although we are Wellington based, WRR receives a number of requests for assistance in rehoming domestic rabbits across New Zealand. Recently we have received rabbits for rehome from Nelson and the Bay of Plenty districts.

A huge part of Wellington Rabbit Rescue's mission is to educate school children and families about how to care for rabbits and the details of what rabbits need for a healthy life. Rabbits are the third most popular pet in New Zealand (after dogs and cats), but they are the most misunderstood and most neglected. By educating children and families, WRR works to support rabbits and the people who care for them.

While they are in WRR’s care, they receive any veterinary treatment they may require. They are housed in large enclosures so they can exhibit natural rabbit behaviour, and they are fed a high-quality diet.

Once the rabbits are healthy and ready for adoption, they are desexed and vaccinated. Any rabbits that cannot be rehomed will remain in WRR’s care. WRR currently has three long term resident rabbits.

Unlike other animal rescues any rabbit adopted from WRR must be returned to us if the current owners are no longer able to care for it. This ensures that any rabbit that comes into the rescue has a guaranteed home for life.


Use of funds

Funds will go directly onto our vet bill to pay for desexing, vaccinating and any further vet care for rabbits taken in by WRR.

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MacLean 4 days ago
Sonya 6 days ago
I have 3 rescue rabbits. I’m frustrated that people still even breed rabbits for pets there are so many unwanted ones. Thank you for everything you so. I hope this helps a bit.
The Awesome Foursome
The Awesome Foursome on 07 Jun 2024
MacLean on 03 Jun 2024
Rochelle on 02 Jun 2024

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