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Wellington Jewish Community Centre (WJCC)

  • Yom Kippur Appeal 5774     9 September 2013

    We have launched our Yom Kippur appeal for 5774. Please give generously to the appeal page on our givealittle page and may you be inscribed for a good year. Gmar chatima tovah.

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  • Defibrillator appeal     1 March 2013

    We've launched an appeal for a defibrillator at the Centre. A defibrillator can increase the chances of survival of someone suffering a heart attack by up to 40%, providing much needed immediate treatment in the minutes before an ambulance can arrive. We hope to raise $2000 to buy an automatic defibrillator for the Centre from Wellington Free Ambulance. The package will include training for staff and volunteers on how to use it effectively. Share and support the appeal at

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