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The Women’s Centre Urgently Needs Your Help!

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The Women’s Centre is a pivotal, not-for-profit, service within the Christchurch community, providing a range of low and no-cost services in a women-only environment.

The post-earthquake environment has seen the demand for our services increase significantly. The pressure on women, their families and community has increased due to long-term post-earthquake stress.

The increase of costs since the earthquake has seen us running on the smell of an oily rag and we need your help to keep offering our services to the community:

• Free counselling – 10 sessions per client, plus option to extend if required. Our volunteer counsellors deal with a wide range of issues, including domestic violence, trauma, relationship and grief work.

• One-to-one (crisis) support from one of our skilled staff members, either in person or by phone.

• A wide range of resources and information on other community services and agencies.

• A quiet women-only space where women can drop in for a coffee, chat, information or just time out.

• Low-cost self development courses on topics such as grief and loss, relationships and communication, self-esteem, anger management and non-violent communications.

• Free legal service – three days per month - 15 minutes with a female lawyer.

• Advocacy (supporting clients in contact with e.g. CYF and WINZ).

• An extensive library with books on topics such as abuse (DV, emotional, mental, sexual), death and dying, drugs and alcohol, eating disorders, feminist politics, health (alternative/ emotional/ mental/ physical), parenting, relationships, self-awareness, sexuality, and spirituality.

• Low-rent rooms for other community organisations to see clients and/or have meetings/groups.

This is what our clients say about our service:

“Without your support, free counselling, kindness, and simply offering a safe ‘space’ to ‘just be’, this is one woman who probably wouldn’t have made it.”

“The Women’s Centre has always been a warm, welcoming and professionally run space with kind and happy faces that make such a difference. The counselling has been the best I have ever received and all for free. This makes me feel very committed to being the best version of myself that I can be, so that I can give back what has been given to me.”

“I am truly grateful for the support I have had. If it wasn’t for the Women’s Centre and the counsellor I am with, I hate to think where I would be.”

Without your help we will be just another statistic and service lost to a city in need. Over the past years Christchurch has lost many vital community organisations due to loss of funding in a struggling economy. The Women’s Centre desperately needs financial assistance to continue supporting the community and to grow our service.

We rely heavily on a dedicated team of volunteer support workers, counsellors, lawyers and board members in order to provide the following services:

More about us

The Women’s Centre is a not-for-profit community organisation established in 1986, originally providing a place for women to obtain ongoing support and resources once they left the safe haven of Women’s Refuge.

Since the mid-nineties, the Centre has offered support to a much wider range of women. It is unique in the broad range of services it provides in Christchurch, in a safe, supportive, affirming, women-only environment.

Services provided range from social interaction and the sharing of information and resources at the drop-in Centre to in-depth therapeutic work within the counselling sessions.

For many women the Centre is a place to gather information, work through difficult issues, be supported, learn, or rest before going out into the wider world again.

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Thanks to the Womens Centre  26 April 2016

Posted by: The Christchurch Women's Centre

Here is some more wonderful and inspiring feedback from a woman who has been a friend of the Women's Centre for 20 years.

Thanks to the Women's Centre I started a new relationship.

Thanks to the Women's Centre I made many friends.

Thanks to the Women's Centre I enjoyed many evenings watching Lesbian videos and DVDs with friends.

Thanks to the Women's Centre I came out of my shell and was in charge organising evenings showing Lesbian videos and DVDs.

Thanks to the Women's Centre I was able to read Lesbian books.

Thanks to the Women's Centre my partner felt safe to come out as a Lesbian and regain her confidence, plus found me as her partner.

Thanks to the Women's Centre I was able to tell other women and Lesbians about amazing workshops.

Thanks to the Women's Centre another dear friend met her new partner and attended a few workshop, which gave her the support she needed in some difficult situations.

Thanks to the Women's Centre other groups could organise and network other events.

Thanks to the Women's Centre we get the event calendar for Gay and Lesbian activities, not only in our local area but of the whole of the South Island, sometimes even beyond!

Thanks to the Women's Centre Lesbians enjoy a peaceful setting with amazing staff to find support in difficult times in their lives.

I only have good memories of the Women's Centre!


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    • The Christchurch Women's Centre

      What a fantastic donation! Thank you so much. It makes a huge difference.

  • Glenys

    Glenys on 01 Aug 2017


    My Dry July proceeds


  • Jalanda

    Jalanda on 20 Jan 2017


    An extremely valuable service. I will be donating again in the future.


  • Guest Donor

    Guest Donor on 21 Aug 2016


    What a worthy cause ! Good luck with your funding support


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