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We aim to impart a love, respect and understanding for the New Zealand wilderness to College aged students through a SAR specific training

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YSAR believes that an innovative approach to the application of science and technology by personalising their experience within SAR and CDEM, promotes student’s self-belief, creating positive change engaging them at cognitive level - creating innovators of the future. Therefore the link with STEM and the YSAR programme has significant synergies considering the slow uptake of innovation and technology in SAR and EM sectors.

SAR and EM sector demographics are predominantly male European 47 – 60 years of age, and concurrent research suggests there is a sharp drop off in the uptake of innovation and new technology. The two organisations can and should coexist with mutual benefits. YSAR students are Gen Z, digital natives and are adaptive to emerging technologies and innovative thinking and the existing SAR and EM members have the institutional knowledge and could assist in delivering training to students through the programme.

According to Core – Ed there are shortages of workers with the necessary skills requirements of the future workforce and there need leads to a greater focus on the development of integrated or interdisciplinary approaches to education. YSAR recognise this as an strategic opportunity to engage and partner with social responsible organisations giving them access to digital natives for innovation, projects, internships and employment. A key aspect of the direction for the Ministry of Youth Development (MYD) is the establishment of partnerships with the business and philanthropic sectors, iwi and other government organisations to collectively engage with and collaborate to support an increase in quality youth development opportunities, Youth Fund (February 2017).

There are significant emerging disruptive constructs in this project through technology, in existing rigid traditional cultures, in education and in Civil Defence Emergency Management and Search and Rescue sectors. These constructs are predominantly grounded in fears of change, fears of youth empowerment and in the exponential growth in technology resulting in a fear of redundancy. Specific and identified initial emerging disruptive technology and innovation include issues such as;

Outdoor education has become so risk averse that many organisation and educational providers are reluctant to run programmes.

The YSAR programme was initially started to address the aging population of the community volunteers aligned to the Search and Rescue and Emergency Management sectors. The demographic within the SAR and EM has not changed since 2009.

Students are reluctant to take on STEM career options. Positive attitudes towards science in their middle primary year but according to Competent Learners study science becomes their least enjoyable subject at school as they progress into high school (14 and 16) YSAR believes that an innovative approach to the application of science and technology by personalising their experience through YSAR within SAR and CDEM promotes student’s self-belief, creating positive change by engaging them at cognitive level- creating innovators of the future.

According to PISA 2015 by engaging in science-related activities in their own time students are more likely to pursue STEM careers and scientifically literate citizens (PISA 2015).

The role of education is to allow every child to achieve their potential regardless of ethnicity, social background, however that is still not the case according NZ Herald which states that statistics from 2014 showed that although overall achievement levels were rising, particularly for Maori and Pasifika, children at deciles 1-3 were four times as likely to leave with no qualifications as those at deciles 8-10.

Aging members of community volunteer group lacked digital and scientific literacy

There is no Youth Development in Search and Rescue in New Zealand that provides trained young adults to transition into SAR and EM related organisations.

Exponential growth in Technology and Science is widening the gap between community groups relevancy and effectiveness and their ability to offer timely and cost effective services.

Youth are not joining these groups because they feel limited by the lack of innovation around 21st century innovation

Aging volunteer sectors can feel threatened by youth knowledge and enthusiasm if integration is not managed well.

Technology could significantly reduce the time to respond to SAR and EM and the sector is not keeping up with technology

Lives are being lost because SAR is not keeping abreast of technology solutions

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YSAR is a comprehensive program for youth focused on SAR and CDEM enabling capable and technology savvy youth. The outcomes include: problem solving, leadership, and improved self-esteem, and civic responsibility and innovation.

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