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Benjamin the Library Cat Sculpture

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We would like to create a sculpture of Benjamin the Library Cat,who was a very special and much loved member of the Devonport community.

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As the number of people attending Benjamin the Library Cat’s farewell attests, he was a much loved and very important member of the Devonport community. Loved because of his irascible and feisty attitude, and important because he somehow became part of the bond that unites us as a community. You would often hear visitors asking about the cat sauntering over the pedestrian crossing, a local would tell them, with a touch of pride, ‘Oh, that’s Benjamin, our Library Cat”

As one of the library staff, I was rung by a distraught Anne Bucholz(Benjamin’s chief carer) the day it happened. She, and later my daughter Emma Brique both said “You should make a bronze of him!”

That, I think would be a very fitting way to remember this cat about town. Devonport’s answer to Australia's Red Dog, and Scotland's Greyfriar’s Bobby and Hamish McHamish!

I am offering to create a sculpture of Benjamin for free, and hoping to raise donations to cover the cost of having the clay sculpture molded and cast in bronze. For a sculpture this size (approx one metre high) this is a costly process. I asked for an estimate from Richard Wells of Artworks foundry. This came back at $25,000. I replied that sadly I didn’t think we could raise that much. Richard then very generously wrote that he thought it such a great project that he would be willing to be a major sponsor and do it for $9,000. A wonderful gesture from someone who doesn’t even live in Devonport!

I estimate that we would need to raise $10,500 in total to cover the cost of casting and installation.

I imagine the sculpture sitting on Windsor Reserve as indicated in images, in a spot where the bronze would be warmed by the afternoon sun. I also imagine his head becoming shiny from the many hands that will stroke him!

Have a look at the great John Campbell Radio New Zealand interview about Benjamin - the link is on the right of this page.

Funds will be used to pay for the making of a mold from my clay original, and the bronze casting and necessary finishing work. There will also be an installation cost, which I estimate to be $1,500

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I have offered to create the original sculpture of Benjamin for free. As a sculptor (see an example of my work in the gallery) and a Librarian at Devonport Library, I would love to see a sculpture of Benjamin sitting in the reserve, overseeing his patch.

I believe it would become a much-loved and unique feature of Devonport, just as Benjamin himself was!

All funds raised benefit:

Devonport Library Associates - Benjamin Sculpture Fund

Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Devonport Library Associates on behalf of Devonport Library Associates - Benjamin Sculpture Fund.

  • $2,000.00 pledged
  • $2,000.00 target
  • 39 generous backers

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