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7 yr old Manaia has a malignant Brain Tumour - Updates - Givealittle

  • Chemo done, next step radiation therapy!     19 June 2019
    Posted by: Tania Gates
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    Hi everyone,

    It's been a while since we posted an update on here but Manaia has been busy blitzing through his treatment. 4 rounds of chemotherapy have been completed and we have been spending a lot of time down in Christchurch getting ready to start radiation therapy.

    The last round of chemo really took it out of Manaia, his blood counts were all pretty consistently low, he spiked a high temperature which is a sign of an infection and also caught noro virus which saw him in isolation on the Children's Oncology ward for 9 days. His taste buds completely changed so all food was tasting pretty yuck apart from raw carrot and apples! But Manaia battled through and despite all of this made it through a dozen play therapy sessions and amazingly was able to have this radiation mask made whilst awake. We were pretty certain we were heading down the route of having to have a general anaesthetic but Manaia pulled it out of the bag!

    We head down to Christchurch to start 5 weeks of radiation therapy on 1 July. Thank you for all the continued support from friends, family and even from strangers who have donated on GiveALittle and helped us massively with the financial impact of Manaia's treatment! It is appreciated beyond words. The Huntleys xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  • April Update     15 April 2019
    Posted by: Tania Gates
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    Hi Team Manaia,

    Seems like a long time since we first posted an update pre chemo! We are two chemo rounds down now and 2 more to go before starting radiotherapy. Manaia is blitzing the chemo as expected. The nausea/vomiting is getting easier to manage with each round and although he is tired he is still running around and playing like he doesn't have these chemo drugs battling their way through his system. He just stops every so often to take a few deep breathes and carries on!

    His top knot has long gone but he coped amazingly with that.... thanks to all his supporters rocking buzz cuts as well!

    The support you have given us via the givealittle page has blown us away. Thank you so so so so much. Knowing that we don't have to worry about finding the money to pay bills, travel and accomodation means that we can just focus on Manaia, which is all we need to do at the moment.

    We will keep updating this page as we go along but for more regular updates then please request to join this Facebook page -

    Thanks team

    Laura, Tahu, Manaia, Tui and Taika


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  • Wow! Blown away with your support so far!     3 March 2019
    Posted by: Tania Gates
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    Thank you so much for the love people. There are no words to describe how much we appreciate all your generous donations. The support from our community, family and friends has made the past couple of week slightly more endurable x x x x x

    Quick update: Manaia is due in Chch on Tuesday for more tests/ops then straight into chemo on Friday. We are looking at the next 6 months going back and forth. Thankfully the chances of success are high so wish us luck! And we will keep you updated along with the way.


    Tahu, Laura, Manaia, Tui and Taika


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