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We are raising funds to keep Grace at the ACB for her 2nd year. Having had an outstanding first year she also tackled both NZ yr13 & Adv Di

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Thank you for looking at our fundraiser for Grace. Every little bit helps. This year our family have been to hell and back.2 redundancies and a mum with CRPS make it very hard to keep a gifted student at school. We are doing everything we can to make this dream of Graces into a reality.

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Grace Davison


My Daughter Grace began dancing at aged four, from that point, she knew that dancing was what she wanted to do with her life (I'm not kidding!) that hasn’t changed. She eats, sleeps and breathe's Ballet, now she is incredibly blessed and living in Melbourne, studying her 1styr of a 2yr course with the Australian Conservatoire of Ballet. In 2012 She was nominated for National Young Performer of the year Award. It is her dream and absolute passion to dance in a company, Grace is the most focused and determined person I have ever known. She has moved mountains to be where she is now. She has studied all of this year to finish yr13 through The NZ Correspondence School - An Huge task, when you are already danceing 8-9hrs a day. For Grace ballet is the combination of the thrill of perfectly executing a move practised a thousand times, and when she is able to draw the audience in, and take them on a journey with her. As a family we want to leave no stone unturned to help her to be eligible for a ballet company after next year's study is finished.

Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Grace Davison.
“Lots of love and praying you dance your way into a company at the end of next year!”
“We hope that Grace can continue with her dancing, here's a little towards that. Having seen Grace in action, I know she is aptly named, she is Grace personified! Good Luck !”
“All the best Grace”
“A little now, a little more later :)”
“Good luck to Grace and to you all”
“Yay Grace! So happy to be able to give towards helping keep you in dance school another year! Cheering you on hun, and will donate again over the next few months too! Sending all my love!”
“You have worked so hard Grace, you absolutely deserve this opportunity and I am delighted to be able to give-a-little, hopefully you will be able to stay there and dance for many years to come :)”
“Just a drop in the ocean, but every little bit helps <3”
  • $2,326.00 donated
  • 14 generous donors

$2,326 donated

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