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A BIG problem with a teeny tiny solution!

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Help me and my 21 year old with autism to build a tiny home after becoming homeless due to Nelson floods. To get back to WOW competion !


Updated :

Hi 👋 my name is norelle ! some of you may remember me from the WOW days when my costumes twirled around on stage in Wellington :) or maybe you met me during the 12 years I fostered and did emergency and respite care for disabled children.

I am here to ask your help to build an accessible tiny home after being left homeless in the recent floods here in Nelson, New Zealand . .

I started this page 10 months ago , after coming home from months in hospital , to a house I could no longer access, suddenly disabled . . I was terrified I wouldn’t be able to leave in a major event so had started this page to try to get myself and my child out of that situation .

Fast forward to now -

August 18th a landslide came down behind my house and We were forced to evacuate. We have not been able to return .

I am now homeless with my 21 year old who is autistic . I have no family or friends locally .

We are currently staying in emergency housing through Civil defence, but it’s not a permanent solution so I am scared .

-rental is at a crisis level made even worse by the hundreds now seeking emergency housing .

-It is impossible to find wheelchair friendly properties.

I was cut off from the community due to my illness and being trapped in my home so being in an event like this really showed me how few contacts I have to call on when I need someone to help me .

I’m hoping maybe you can ?

would you like to give a little, to help us a lot?

Please see my other Givealittle page here:

Use of funds

Donations will be used to to create a fully functional adapted tiny house and finding some land to park it!

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I tried , but it wasn’t good enough :(   9 November 2022

Hey lovely people :),

This is my last update in this page .

My page had an end date . I could have extended it because of my evacuation status but decided not to My reasons are many , but the largest being that this didnt work for me no matter how hard I tried . I worked my butt off trying to sell my story as worthy . I spent hours everyday sending my page to people on social media ,, I made videos , I wrote stories , I went on tik tok lives had a live gig benefit show in my honour , like suggested , I also went to media , was even on TV but nothing seemed to get me success that other pages in here had . It was hard to not question my validity amongst other pages that were doing shockingly well in only a matter of weeks, .

It really does come down to who you know , who has the time and energy to help you . Family and friends on your team helps for sure , so when you lack those things, it’s a one man show , and it’s disheartening and easy to give up . I started feeling I was a nuisance , people write back saying they couldn’t help as everyone is struggling right now , and I agree.

I want to thank every single person who donated , my dream is still alive , I’m still going to fight to make it a reality . I’m going to use the hours I spent a day promoting this , to promote something else , like my recipes and textiles . Maybe then I’ll have the kind of following needed to get these pages to a bigger audience . It’s not not bad . The motel is safe until end of February at this point . One less concern .

My other page is still live on here if people would like to donate to Something that is more attainable and not far from the goal now ! Maybe we can have success in one page !

Look up ‘baby I was born to walk this way ‘ in the search :) !

I have also joined the website ‘buy me a coffee ‘ people can buy me a coffee and encourage me to keep creating , as I truely thing that has to be the answer !

Thanks again,

Much love


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Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 17 Oct 2022
Cameron on 07 Oct 2022
Tēnā koe Norelle! I am deeply sorry to hear how our society/system have failed you in so many ways. My heart goes out to you and your son. Your resilience, faith in humanity, and courage is inspiring. I hope this koha helps to get you a little closer to achieving what you so badly deserve. Sending aroha nui and whirikoka to you and your whānau. 💔
norelle kendrick

❤️🙏❤️I appreciate your words and your donation very much

norelle kendrick
Gina on 03 Oct 2022
Wishing you the best of luck ❤️
norelle kendrick

Thank you so much for your kind donation Gina :) 🤗

norelle kendrick
Jane on 28 Sep 2022
norelle kendrick

Thanks so much Jane ! Much love 💕

norelle kendrick
Anna on 19 Sep 2022
We will make it out of this alive!
norelle kendrick

Yay I’m glad to hear that positivity !! I need sone !! Thanks for donating again x

norelle kendrick

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