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  • The next battle     03 December 2018

    A week ago I found out that unfortunately there is progression in my brain. This means the further treatment I need are the pricey ones! The non funded drug, Kadcyla, which is capped at $60,000. But this does not include any private oncology treatment costs so likely to be closer to $100,000. The other potential option is more gamma knife treatment. Approximately $30,000 each treatment. So now we are again playing the waiting game for scans, reviews and making new treatment plans. I am truly grateful for all of the generous donations we have received. Thank you!

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  • only 4 more days to go!     10 November 2018
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    Thank you everyone for all of your support! Please Share and encourage others to donate to Emily- this page will be closed in only 4 short days! thank you so very much you amazing people! kim

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  • Emily & Family home from Auckland hospital     02 November 2018
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    Emily and her family are back home now after traveling up to support Chris while he ran the Auckland marathon.. all are now tucked back up at home!

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  • Emily's dad has fixed up & posted a Triumph car for sale on Trade Me funds raised are for Emily     02 November 2018
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    Below is information on the TradeMe listing posted by Emily's dad. Have a read, visit, bid & support Emily while enjoying your adorable new car~ Kim


    This very cool looking car has been rebuilt over the last 20 years with much work done in the last 12 months to get it all ship shape and ready to roll. I do not have a complete history of the car but what follows is what I know or have surmised.

    Firstly this is not a true convertible but has a professionally made hood and no hard top. The odo is in miles.

    At some stage (late 1990's??) this car has had the body work professionally restored and repainted. In 2001 at around 112000 miles the engine was fully reconditioned. My friends bought this car in 2003 when it had 111189 miles showing on the clock (I know it doesn't add up, maybe had a new speedo fitted?) While they owned it they replaced the fuel pump and brake master cylinder. The car wasn't used a lot but was bought out on sunny weekends and on other special occasions. Most of the time it sat in a shed. In 2012 my friend was diagnosed with incurable cancer. She put the car in the shed and returned home to Austria for treatment. In 2016 she died. Her husband gave the car to me to get roadworthy and sell and put the money towards treatment for my daughter (givealittle.co.nz/cause/a-life-w­orth-living) who also has incurable cancer :-(

    In the last 12 months I have, replaced all brake slave cylinders, shoes and the drums on the rear. Sorted out the birds nest of wiring behind the dash. Replaced the diff output seals and bearings, replaced the driveshaft universal joints and fitted a prof. rebuilt gearbox. I have tuned the carburetor and timing and fitted a new battery. Yesterday it got a WOF and 12 month reg.

    The car is not in original concourse condition. The paint has a few chips, the front seats are not original (but were fitted in the late 90's so don't need certs)and the heater is always on. It doesn't really like more than 80km/h. But who does on a sunny day. This car is easy to start and drives well. It looks cool and is fun to drive with the top down and is a perfect around town car. It is cheap to fuel and register.

    What more could you want!


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  • a little trip to Auckland hospital     28 October 2018
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    We are up in Auckland for Chris to run the marathon whilst I cheer. Although as usual things haven't gone to plan. Instead, yesterday I was admitted to Auckland hospital with severe headaches and vomiting. I've had a ct which showed a lot of fluid on the brain so I'm mega dosed with steroids and this morning I feel fine.

    Docs are going to decide this morning if they want me to have any ops to remove the fluid otherwise I'll keep being dosed on high steroids. Hoping to be moved to the ward today as I'm currently in neurological icu while I've been monitored over night. An mri is planned for tomorrow then hopefully I'm allowed out. No idea about how we get back to blenheim but we'll hopefully back by Tuesday just a day later than planned.

    Docs just visited. No op required yay! Being moved to the ward once there's a free room. Should be out tomorrow with truckloads of steroids 😆 ready for breaky now after not eating since Friday night!

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  • Incurable breast cancer: Women denied access to drugs feel 'brushed aside'.     20 October 2018
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    Click the below article to learn more about the awareness and journey Emily is on battling to get the drugs she needs to prolong her life.


    Please consider donating to Emily's page to help her seek the treatment she needs in Sydney Australia.

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  • $19,470.00 donated
  • 237 generous donors

$19,470 donated

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