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I'm 32, living with terminal breast cancer. I would love to keep living so my two young daughters can remember their mum.

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Words from the beneficiary:

"I'm 32 years old with incurable breast cancer. I was diagnosed when I was 30 and started on chemotherapy when my youngest daughter was just 4 weeks old. On diagnosis It had spread to my pelvis and to since then, my brain.

I have been living with the illness for 2.5 years now which is the average survival rate. So far it has been a roller-coaster ride! With incurable (stage 4/metastatic) breast cancer there is no end to the 'battle', it is on going. My life is currently based on 3 monthly scans. I try not to plan any further ahead than the next scan as we never know what is just around the corner. A hard way to live with a now 2 year old, a 5 year old and a husband, not to mention a whole lot of living to do!

The generosity of others plays a HUGE part in my family's life. I currently have one more funded option of treatment and then will need to pay big for drugs privately. I'm already having to pay for treatment in Australia to help my brain metastisies. My biggest hope is that I am alive long enough for my daughters to remember me. I also hope that my husband wont be widowed by 35, that my parents and two younger sisters don't have to lose me and that I get to live life to it's fullest everyday."

Use of funds:

Funds will be used to fund life extending treatment such as chemotherapy and targeted radiation treatment.

Page created by:

Kim Davis


I was raised by a family who year after year had the moto of 'do what you can' and encourage others to do what they can. This year to do my little part I am supporting Locks of Love who make wigs for cancer patients out of donated hair, 25cm later I was left wanting to do a little more, I asked a dear friend who is currently battling cancer who could directly benefit from fundraising. She so generously connected me to Emily and together we can all help support her and her gorgeous little family in their battle with her cancer.

All funds raised benefit:

Emily Stein


Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Emily Stein.
“What a strong, beautiful, inspirational women. My thoughts are with you and your family.”
“Donation from a fundraiser by Wairau Maternity midwives”
“Believe that something good shall come from out of our trials.”
“Lots of love xx”
“Sending you lots of love and positives Emily xxx”
“Love and strength to Emily and whanau. Thanks Dan and Clare for organising this great fundraiser”
“Best wishes - Kia kaha.”
“Go hard Dan, and go hard Emily. Keep fighting the fight. Big loves to you xxoo”
“Much love Emily and whanau through this time. And Dan, hoea tō waka! Smash it up that mountain!”
“Go fast Dan & be well, Emily!”
  • $45,193.01 donated
  • 503 generous donors

$45,193 donated

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